A Division Holiday Picks

Starting Monday, June 8th, a Holiday pick will be conducted for "A" Division Conductors and Train Operators.

Conductors and Train Operators will pick jobs for July 4th (Saturday schedule) and Labor Day (Sunday schedule).

Picking will be done by phone, using the following NYCT phone numbers:

(718) 694-4106
(718) 694-4252
(718) 694-5459

Train Operators
(718) 694-3172
(718) 694-4237
(718) 694-4292

Please allow yourself sufficient time to make job selections. If you're unavailable at your scheduled pick time, you may call ahead and leave choices, or send an e-mail to: RTOPickSection@nyct.com. If sending an e-mail, be sure to copy ("CC") one of your union officers.

You can access pick information here:

Fall 2019 Road and Non Road Work Program

Conductor Call Sheets

Train Operator Call Sheets

For the Conductor Viewing Book (Open Jobs) click here. Updated June 27th. (final)

For the Train Operator Viewing Book (Open Jobs) click here. Updated June 27th. (final)

Note: if you pick a holiday job, it must be within the same district you’re currently assigned to.
Please refer to the Fall 2019 work program for job details.