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TWU Local 100 Retirees Association



Who We Are

We are an organization within TWU local 100. We have our own by-laws and Executive Board and make our own decisions. Our mandate and function are to protect, preserve and improve the social and economic status of retirees within the ideals of the trade union movement. We engage in political education, cultural, civic and charitable activities, with the goal of furthering the interests of the organizations and its members.

IB ImageWe engage in, and support through public education and activities, the ongoing efforts by TWU local 100 before federal, New York State and New York City governments to provide a secure and healthy retirement for retired members of TWU Local 100. We also engage in and support actions in Local 100’s efforts to negotiate fair and just terms of its labor agreements that relate to retirement benefits.

We are funded by Association membership dues of $50.00 annually for individuals and $85.00 annually for a family plan, for which you are afforded up to $1,400 per year for hospital stays. We also offer a Dental & Vision Plan, at an additional cost.

Call us at 212-873-6000 ext. 2076 or 2077, or use the link to Join Up Today!

Thinking about Retiring?

Call the TWU Local 100 Retirees’ Association at 212-873-6000 x 2076, 2077.
We will schedule an appointment for you with Pension and Retirement consultant Norman Rosenfeld.
Call 5 months before your projected retirement date, so your union can help you plan properly for this enormous decision in your life. THIS VALUABLE SERVICE IS FREE-OF-CHARGE TO ALL MEMBERS IN GOOD STANDING.

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Do You Have a Pension Loan?

Click here to read why you should settle it BEFORE you retire

Retirees Receiving Workers' Comp/Disability

Some Workers' Comp/Disability payments from the New York City Transit Authority to retired members continue to be delayed in processing and mailing. The delay is due to Transit's transitioning to a new vendor with a new paying system. We are in constant contact with NYC Transit in an effort to resolve the issues relating to this transition. If you are experiencing delays, please call Phil Caruana at the Workers' Comp Desk at TWU Local 100 -- 212-873-6000 ext. 2113 or 646-235-0783.

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