Stations Pick Room Pandemic Protocols

A new pick for Station Agents is scheduled to begin in mid-October. The pick for cleaners will kick off in early November.

Both pick dates are tentative as the union reviews management’s jobs’ lists.

When the pick begins, members are encouraged to Log into the Kezava System on a Desktop (preferred), TA-provided IPADS, or your mobile device (iPhone 6 and later).

IB Image

A NYCT Bulletin will be coming soon on how to log on, and use the system.

The Pick Room will be open! But we encourage call-ins to avoid crowded conditions to keep social distancing.

Pick room number when the pick begins: 212-712-5953/54

All other Contract protections remain intact. Click Here for Flyer.

Lynwood Whichard, Vice President
Robert Kelley, Division Chair