Career and Salary / Officers and Shop Stewards

The Career and Salary Titles represented by TWU Local 100 include: Administrative Assistant, Senior Administrative Assistant, Administrative Associate, Assistant Transit Management Analyst, Associate Transit Management Analyst, Assistant Budget Chief, Senior Training Development Specialist, Press Operator, Bookbinder, Computer Aide, Computer Associate, Associate Transit Customer Service Specialist, Claim Examiner, Computer Scientist, Computer System Manager, Telecom Associate, Telecom Specialist, Principal Transportation Planner, Computer Specialist, Staff Analyst, Associate Staff Analyst, and Senior Administrative Assistant. Your Union Reps, below, are dedicated to enforcing our contract and being your voice at work. If you have questions about our contract and your rights, please see one of them before you go to management with an issue.

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Thomas Lenane

Mike Rehn
Division Chair

Denise Wellington
Staff Rep/Executive Board

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Corey Forde
Associate Transit Customer Service Specialist
180 Livingston St.

Denise Metoyer
Staff Analyst
2 Broadway

Cynthia Brathwaite-McSimon
Sr. Admin Assistant
East New York

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Terrence Russell
Telecom Specialist III
RCC at 54th Street

James Sanon
Sr. Training Dev. Spec III
130 Livingston St.

George Lewycky
Comp. Assoc III
2 Broadway





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Kevin Flores
Assoc Transit Customer Service Spec. III
3300 Northern Blvd

Joseph Tarry
Comp. Specialist III
CES Woodside, Queens

Rodney Jennings
Assoc Transit Customer Service Specialist II
201 Bush Street

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Betrice McNeill-Kane
Assoc. Staff Analyst
2 Broadway

Betty Parrilla
Sr. Admin Assistant
140 Broadway