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The Stations Department includes 5,000 members who work in stations and assorted locations throughout the system. Titles include: Station Agents, Cleaners, as well as workers who handle supplies for Supply and Logistics, and Revenue Collecting Agents.

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What are YOUR contract demands? Email us at:

Station Agent of the Future. Click on the image to read the Agreement.

Your Contract: Read the Duties and Responsibilities of Station Agents and CTA's here.

1993: How Railroad Clerk transitioned to Station Agent. Read it here.

Important: Student Verification Form to Retain Union Benefits for Your College Student

Stations Agent, Summer 2023 Pick

Station Agent Tour Pre-Pick Summer 2023

Station Agent Seniority Book (Summer  2023 - Winter 2024)

Station Agent Summer 2023 Pick Notice

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CTA Seniority List

Station Cleaners 2023 Summer Pick Memo

Station Cleaners North Schedule Summer Book

Station Cleaners  South Schedule Summer Book

Station Cleaners  Speciality Cleaning Book


Station Agent, CTA Winter Pick Results

Station Agent Winter Pick Notice

Station Agent Winter Tour Book Results

CTA Winter Pick Notice

CTA Winter Tour Book Results

Lunch Relief Schedules Winter Pick


Stations CTA Winter Pick

Click here for the CTA Seniority Book

Click here for CTA North Schedules

Click here for CTA South Schedules

Click here for the CTA Specialty Schedules

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IB Image Flyer: Is Fare Evasion OUR Problem? Read More


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IB ImageSeasonal Flu, One More
Thing to Worry About!
What to do if you suspect you're coming down with the Flu and how to prevent it. Read More

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IB Image Bulletin pertaining to Personnel Authorized to Use Stations Employee Restrooms
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IB ImageNew Lactation PODS Available for Stations Personnel. Read the flyer here.
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IB ImageIt's time — Set or Change Your Life Insurance Beneficiary (Form)

IB ImageThe Truth About Subway Cleaning Read more

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IB ImageFacts: on the Stations ‘Deep Cleaning’ Pilot Read more

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IB ImageStation Update: Deep Cleaning and Mobile Wash Read more

Promotional Opportunity for Station Agents:

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