Grievance & Discipline

Grievance & Discipline has your back. With legal and logistical assistance, G&D ensures that your case is properly appealed through the hearing process, that members and reps are notified of all upcoming calendars and that preparation for arbitration is provided and encouraged. Contact your Union department or Union rep for assistance.

Know your Procedures and Contract
G&D holds periodic training and education programs designed to assist Union Representatives in understanding relevant contract language regarding the grievance and discipline process, processing Medical Appeal Grievances, how arbitration works, preparation, contract negotiations and interpretation, leadership and representational skills, rights and responsibilities of Union Representatives.

Case Files

  • G&D office maintains and develops copies of all files, information requests and witness information pertaining to grievances and discipline cases, G&D:
  • notifies every department in writing when cases are scheduled for step II contract cases and arbitration for discipline and grievances:
  • maintains a daily schedule for members to prep their cases with the Legal Department and their representative;
  • maintains a very detailed database program designed to ensure proper tracking of all off calendars and adjournments for all cases received through the arbitration process;
  • maintains a contract arbitration database designed to research arbitration decisions dating back to 1967.

21-Day Preliminary Calendars & Pre-Disciplinary Suspension

  • monitors the enforcement of all Pre-Disciplinary Suspension cases ensuring compliance with the CBA language regarding hearings within 48 hours for suspended members;
  • monitors the 21-day preliminary calendars for disciplinary cases, reviewing the calendar for contract compliance and adherence to the production of realistic schedules;
  • prepares contract arbitration calendars and reports same to each department.
  • Medical Appeal Grievances
  • prepares and maintains grievances challenging an unfair medical or work status by working with our Occupational Health and Safety physicians at Mt. Sinai Hospital.

Field Operations and Reports

  • works with and supports all satellite offices: 2 Broadway, Livingston Plaza, Palisades Avenue, and other hearing locations assisting with staff to coordinate and audit Policy compliance, all Step hearings, and Arbitrations;
  • provides research information, reports and statistics for use in contract negotiations and meetings with management.

Jack Blazejewicz, Director