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Update on Conductor Garcia's House Fire

Brothers and Sisters,

(January 26) I have been in touch with the Garcia family, who lost their home in a devastating fire last weekend in Poughkeepsie.

Conductor Justin Garcia expressed his gratitude to me for all of the warm messages and donations they have received from their TWU Local 100 Brothers and Sisters. He wanted me to share this message with you: “Please tell everyone we are forever grateful.”

Mrs. Garcia as well expressed her gratitude to us. They are definitely feeling the love from their extended family. It’s a very traumatic experience but, thank God they are alive and will recover. Sadly they lost two of their pets.

This is Union power. We are here to support one another at all times.

In solidarity,

Giselle Martinez
Chair, Working Women’s Committee
Coordinator, Family & Member Assistance Program




TWU Family's House Destroyed by Fire

Sisters and Brothers,

I received an email this morning at 5:42 AM about a terrible tragedy that has befallen one of our families. A fire at Conductor Justin Garcia’s house in Poughkeepsie took place over the weekend. The house is a total loss. Brother Garcia and his wife managed to get out with their four year old daughter.  Unfortunately, both of their pets, a cat and dog, perished in the fire. You can read about the fire on this news site.

Transit has created a hub at Bedford Park Tower where they are accepting clothing donations for the family, which lost all of their possessions.

Specifically they are looking for: Mr. Garcia: Shirt 3XL, Pants 46x32, Shoes 12
Mrs. Garcia: Shirt M, Pants 28, Shoes 8 Womens
Garcia’s Daughter (4 years old): Shirt 6-7T, Pants 6, Shoes 11-12 Toddler Size, Toys

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I have spoken to Brother Garcia and am asking our TWU family to come together for this family and help them out during this difficult time. I can be reached by phone at 917-704-6727 and If you want to drop off donations at the Union Hall I can facilitate that as well.

Giselle Martinez
Chair, Working Women’s Committee
Coordinator, Family & Member Assistance Program

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Executive Board Statement Against Violence and Intimidation

The TWU Local 100 Executive Board has approved a statement against intimidation, harassment, or violence against any union member or officer. You can read it here.

Local 100 Wishes You a Happy Lunar New Year!

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Contract Bargaining Training Held as Union Gets Ready for the Big Fight

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Dozens of officers participated in three days of contract negotiation training to prepare for the looming battle with the MTA.

The program featured expert instruction on topics such as the legal parameters of public sector bargaining, preparing for negotiations, membership engagement, developing proposals and using leverage to achieve goals. Officers also broke into labor and management teams to conduct mock negotiating sessions. Veterans sat shoulder-to-shoulder with younger up-and-coming officers, passing along knowledge gained from decades of experience and sharing ideas.

In addition, directors of Local 100 departments - Organizing, Member Services, Grievance and Discipline, Political Action, Safety, and Communications - gave presentations on department activities, data, goals, and strategies that could be deployed during different stages of the contract campaign.

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“We’re about to enter one of the most difficult contract negotiations of all time,” Local 100 President Richard Davis said. “The MTA says it has unprecedented budget deficits and is warning of doomsday scenarios with service cuts and steep fare hikes. City Hall has ordered up three rounds of budget cuts already. Some big private companies are laying off thousands of workers. We’re going to have to fight like hell and must be prepared. That’s what these last three days have been all about, getting prepared.”

A new Rapid Response Organizing Committee will start going to work locations next week to begin one-on-one discussions with members to hear about their issues and concerns.

The training was conducted over three days ending Friday, Jan. 13. Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart Cousins, one of the most powerful politicians in the state, came to meet with President Davis and share a few words with the officers participating in the training. It turned into a mini-pep rally with the Speaker leading a chant of “Union!”

“You are here to be trained,” she said. “You’re here to understand how this is supposed to work. And the reality is, it is going to work, because you have in your hearts and minds the best interest of the people you represent, period. If you come with that attitude, it will work, understanding that you set the tone. You set the bar for how labor rolls.”

Also coming by to support the Union were NY State Senator Shelley Mayer (D-Yonkers) and Westchester County Executive George Latimer.

The Local 100 contract with the MTA expires May 16.

Pres. Davis Joins Nurses on Strike to Pledge Our Support

TWU Local 100 President Richard Davis joined thousands of striking nurses on a picket line and pledged Local 100’s support in their struggle for a fair contract.

Speaking outside Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, Davis said transit workers know first-hand how vital nurses are to city residents in medical crisis. Transit workers brought nurses and other hospital staffers to their posts by bus and subway during the dark days of the pandemic. Like transit workers, nurses were too essential to stay at home.

“On behalf of Local 100, we stand in solidarity with you, and we will make sure we fight for you,” Davis said. “Yes, we can! Sí se puede!”

Thousands of nurses, members of the New York Nurses Association, walked off the job at 6 a.m. Monday at Mount Sinai and three campuses of the Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx. The nurses’ demands include “safe staffing.” Hospitals have not hired enough nurses to properly handle the volume of patients. As a result, nurses are overworked and stressed-out. Patients are receiving sub-standard care, nurses say.

Nurses on the picket said they appreciated Local 100’s support, just as they appreciated the service transit workers provided during the pandemic.

“Without transit, without the crosstown bus, I wouldn’t have been able to get to work,” a surgical ICU nurse with 25 years on the job said.

Fighting MTA Service Cuts: Sign the Petition

Local 100 President Richard Davis attacks the MTA for planning to cut subway service in an Op-Ed published today by the New York Daily News. In the piece, Davis says service cuts will force riders to wait longer for trains, experience more crowding, and lead to more anger and frustration being directed at transit workers.

He also says it’s “ridiculous” for transit management to claim that the service reductions “reflect what our customers are asking for.” In the history of mass transit, no one ever asked for less service and more crowded conditions.

You can read the Op-Ed here.

Click here to Sign the Petition

Save the Dates! Upcoming Union Events

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Saturday, Jan. 28th: Mass Membership Meeting at the Sheraton Times Square (53rd & 7th Ave.) Open to all members in good standing.

Wednesday, Feb. 22: Black History Celebration at the Union Hall

Wednesday, March 15: Quill-Connolly Day (Irish Heritage) at the Union Hall

Tuesday, March 28: LOBBY DAY in Albany (Political Action to Advance our Legislative Agenda)

Wednesday, March 29: Women's Heritage Day at the Union Hall



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