Working Women's Committee

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Our Next Meeting is Thursday, October 13th, at 11AM and 5PM at the Union Hall. All are welcome.

Get involved in our fight against breast cancer. Just click on the image of the upcoming Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk.

On July 8th, Giselle Martinez was named as Local 100's Working Women's Committee and Family Assistance Coordinator. You can read the announcement here.

Sister Martinez, a seven-year Bus Operator working out of the East New York Depot, was introduced to the membership this past May on Mother's Day at our satellite office on Westchester Avenue in the Bronx.

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Your Representatives

Chair -- Giselle Martinez, Bus Operator

Bus Operator Giselle Martinez – a published author, an active union member, and the former president of a non-profit childcare provider – is the Working Women’s Committee and Family Assistance Coordinator. Read more about her here.


Shirley Martin (Departmental Vice President). Email:
Joan Bygrave (Executive Board Member) Email:

Harriette Goodridge-Seymour.
Isabel Camacho
Monique Rondon
Keyanna Davis.

Celeste Kirkland

Denise Long
Christina Innis
Kimberly McLaurin
Nivea Luke

Vanessa Jones
Nicolette Brown

Shikira Plum Grillet
Donna Hailey
Rhonda Hopkins
Georgette Sterling

Awilda Duarte
Matosha Veney


There are nearly 7,000 women working in transit in both the bus and subway side of the house, and number that continues to rise. Approximately 18% of the TWU Local 100 membership are women.

It is the mission of the Transport Workers Working Women’s Committee, hereinafter TWU WWC, to provide support and information to all working women and men.  To ensure equal pay for equal work; to empower women to seek leadership positions within their union as well as in their communities; to further the cause of all workers, female and male and to elevate the awareness of working women’s needs both inside and outside the workplace.  The TWU WWC also works to bring a greater awareness of the need for physical and mental wellness and to educate and encourage all women on their path to future leadership.

Who is part of the women’s committee?
Every member in good standing of Local 100.

Is there a fee to join?
No, there is no fee to join.

How can I become involved?
Show up to our meetings or write your concerns to Giselle Martinez at or your departmental representative. Meetings are held quarterly at 11AM and 5PM. They are held at the Union Hall, 195 Montague Street, in downtown Brooklyn.

What departments do you assist with?

Are there meeting requirements involved?
No, just come as you are.

When should I contact the women’s committee?

  • If you have exhausted all division/departmental resources
  • If you feel more comfortable speaking with a woman about a matter.
  • If you have new ideas pertaining to women that you would like to bring to the leadership