Become a TWU Local 100 Shop Steward

Make a Difference

If you want to get involved in your union, and make a real difference on the job for you and your co-workers -- then join the proud ranks of TWU Local 100 Shop Stewards.  Since the beginning of the year, more than 300 of your Brother and Sister Transit Workers have gone through shop steward training, provided by the Local 100 Education Department.

When you become a TWU Shop Steward, you become one of the union’s front line soldiers.  You become the first line of defense against injustice on the job. 

As a shop steward you will be expected to be a communicator, a problem solver, an educator, a health and safety watchdog, and a political activist.  You will be expected to speak up when you see something you know is wrong.  You will work closely with elected officers and staff to guarantee that the union and its members are treated with respect. 

Not everyone is cut out to be a union shop steward.  But if you think you are, if you think you can help your co-workers and your union in our ongoing battle with the MTA, we want you on our team.

You’ll have to make a commitment of your own time to get started, by signing up for a six-week course, one day a week, for two and a half hours each class.

The program covers: TWU History, Contract Knowledge, Grievances, Responding to Discipline, Medical Appeals, Organizing and Mobilizing, and Communication Skills

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