Man falls onto subway tracks, no one helps

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Man falls onto subway tracks, no one helps
Metro NY
A series of cell phone videos was posted online showing a man who fell onto the L train tracks at DeKalb Avenue. In the videos, which have been removed from YouTube, the man laid there, bloodied and seemingly unconscious for several minutes. He eventually made repeated attempts to stand, only to fall back onto the tracks. An MTA worker could be seen rushing for help in the first video, but the recordings ended before the man made it off the tracks. A countdown clock above the platform showed the next train was due in 17 minutes.   <br> <br> The people shooting the video say the man fell face down after urinating onto the tracks from the platform. They don't really seem too concerned about him and can be heard laughing at the man more than once. They do yell at him to wake up and warn him from touching the rails, but that's about the extent of their helpfulness. The man shooting the video can be heard saying, "Nah, I'm not jumping in those tracks girl... chill."