Introducing: Nicolette Browne, Station Division Chair Person

IB ImageNICOLETTE BROWNE joined us in 2002, she has “Union” in her blood, her heart and her soul. In 2005 when Our Union staged a series of protests across the City during the morning rush hour she volunteered and was the ‘Site Captain’ for the “Fair Contract Protesters” at Union Square. She went on to become a member of the Local 100 Executive Board, the “TWU Local 100 Child Care Outreach Coordinator” and became a member of the ‘Working Women’s Committee’. In Disciplinary Hearings and Contract Grievance Hearings she fought for the rights of all the titles in our Division. She brings a determined commitment to advocating for a better Quality of Life for all the members of Station Division. She will serve out the term of the retired Division Chair, Derrick Echevarria. The experience and passion that she brings to the position of Chairperson will keep us on the road to a Safe and Secure Future.