Safety Team Launches Pre-Dawn Inspections in Westchester


    Moghrabi called Castillo the “first line of defense” for school bus drivers, monitors, and the students. Castillo brought safety complaints to Moghrabi, who then alerted Local 100 President Tony Utano, Secretary-Treasurer Richard Davis, and the Safety Team. Davis, who revamped the Safety Team earlier this year, directed aggressive action be taken. 

    “I want to thank President Utano and Secretary-Treasurer Davis, and everyone else who helped," Castillo said. 

    MTA Bus/Private Bus Lines/School Bus Vice President Pete Rosconi took part in the action, along with: MaBSTOA Vice President Donald Yates; MTA Bus Division Chair Danny D’Amato; Senior Director of Organizing Frank McCann; MTA Bus Division Vice Chairs Mike Capocci and Aurelio Negron; Safety Team Co-Leader Joseph DiPaola; and Safety Reps Nilda Lont, Jamie Ayuso and Monique Rondon.