Union Push for Bus Cockpits Gets Results

“For several years we’ve been strenously advocating for Bus Operator cockpits that will protect our members from the onslaught of assaults and abuse  - so this potentially is great news,” TWU Local 100 President Richard Davis said. “The MTA appears to be taking real steps towards making this major safety upgrade a reality. We have to see the ultimate design, and test drive buses, but we’re happy with this development.”

Local 100 has pushed an initially reluctant MTA to explore deployment of buses with see-through protective cockpits - similar in concept to those on planes protecting pilots - with rallies and high-level discussions. The upgrade has been a focus of the Employee Safety Committee of Surface Transportation, which Davis formed last year. The committee brings top NYCT senior executives and union leaders together to to hash out and develop bus-related safety solutions.

Similarly, the Employee Safety Committee of Subways is looking at ways to better protect subway conductors, Davis said.