Attention TWU Local 100 Members:

We have a long standing and undisputed practice that this rule ONLY applies if you are out sick for more than two days. THE RULE NEVER INCLUDED AVA, OTO, or VACATION TIME!

When I signed a letter back in May pertaining to this rule, it was mutually understood that Transit would simply abide by the existing contract language (sick time only).This letter was not included in the new contract, because the language already exists in previous contracts. Unfortunately, the Transit Authority has perverted the spirit of that letter, by imposing this unilateral change, and violating our rights.

Make no mistake about it, the Union intends to fully resist and fight the Transit Authority on their egregious breach of contract. We are preparing a grievance, and will go all the way to arbitration if need be. Now more than ever, we need to stand together as one Union in the face of this attack by Transit. Let us support one another and take the fight where it belongs— to management!

In Solidarity

Richard Davis, President