Union Wins Representation Election at Connecticut STA School Bus Company

Local 100's campaign was speadheaded by Director of Organizing Frank McCann along with staffer Karla Kozak. President Richard Davis said: "Another successful organizing win is a testament to the power of TWU. Our newest members clearly wanted to be part of this union."

"These members -- many over 60 years old -- have been trying to secure a seat at the table for decades," Kozak said. "They've been fighting with management for years for respect and to pave the way for future workers. I couldn't believe how happy they were. Some have worked there for 35 years and this their legacy. The transfer of power is real, and that's is what it's all about." "They are looking to obtain an industry-leading contract," McCann added.

"They looked at our Greenwich contract and they want what other TWU-represented companies have. They understand the power of TWU."

McCann said next steps include forming a negotiating committee and preparing demands from the membership.