RTO Contact List

Vice President                Canella Gomez    718-724-9852



Train Operators Division      
Chair Jonluke Rodriguez 718-753-3922 jonluke.rodriguez@twulocal100.org
A Vice Chair Garland Perry 917-207-8955 gperry@twulocal100.org
B Vice Chair Aaron Morrison 718-807-6934 amorrison@twulocal100.org
B Vice Chair Brian Davis 929-486-2288 bdavis@twulocal100.org
Recording Secretary Robert Taylor 347-618-1605 rtaylor.rto@twulocal100.org


Conductor/Towers Division      
Chair Jesse Argueta       718-753-4958 jargueta@twulocal100.org
A Vice Chair Domonic Culp 347-866-3878 dculp@twulocal100.org
B Vice Chair Kenneth Rivera 718-755-2354 krivera@twulocal100.org
B Vice Chair Angel Camacho 347-948-5115 acamacho@twulocal100.org
Recording Secretary Bradley Deleon 347-762-9398 bdeleon@twulocal100.org
Tower Vice Chair Scott Weinfeld 718-419-2399 sweinfeld@twulocal100.org


Labor Relations Union Office @ 2 Broadway    
  Voice Lines Fax Lines
Disciplinary Action Notices (DANs), Grievances,
Sabbath Observance, Restoration to Service
646-252-5549 /2925 /2996 646-252-5619
Probationaries, FMLA, Workers Compensation, Timekeeping,
Employee Availability, Sick Issues
718-694-4168 /5827 718-694-3289 /4586



Union Representatives, Shop Stewards, and Vacation Relief

Train Operator Division  
Cristina Hernandez, Train Operator, RTO Women's Committee 914-999-2044 chernandez@twulocal100.org
David Gaskin, Train Operator, 347-547-4789 dgaskin@twulocal100.org
Stephanie Newbald, Train Operator 347-504-0266 snewbald@twulocal100.org
Frank Hartman, Work Train Unit 917-267-8409 frankhartmantwu@gmail.com
Surrena Shoemo, Train Operator 646-883-9239 sshoemotwulocal100@gmail.com
Conductor Tower Division  
Nivea Luke, RTO Women's Committee 347-509-6124 nluke@twulocal100.org
Denise Long, Executive Board 929-276-2137 dlong@twulocal100.org
Ernest Boyce 732-596-7901 eboyce@twulocal100.org
Kris Magwood, RTO Women's Committee 718-845-3680 kmagwood@twulocal100.org


Emergency Contact

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