Arbitration Win Sets the Record Straight

In a decision on 10/31/23, Arbitrator Howard C. Edelman, Esq. ruled "The Employers' unilateral action in changing the clear and consistent application of Sections 3.5(E) and 6.2 (A) (2) (d) violated the collective bargaining agreement, embodied in the longstanding past practice established by the parties to the extent indicated herein. Employers shall cease and desist from its current application of the provisions at issue." This verdict reinforces our commitment to upholding the terms of our collective bargaining agreement and maintaining consistency in our practices.

In light of recent claims made, the attached PDF letters, one from Carrube, head of the supervisors association, and our response, set the record straight and address the matters raised.

See below:

IB Image  IB Image

For a comprehensive understanding of the situation and to view the full arbitration details, you can access these documents here.