Arbitrator Sides with Union; Stops A Div RTO Pick

Finding that the MTA had over-stepped past practice, Edelman ruled that the pick put forward by NYCT put an unacceptable burden on Conductors and Train Operators. If it would have gone forward, Edelman said the A Division Pick would have had "a major impact upon workers' lives, especially those with child care obligations," and that "the difficulty of selecting five days of work in a row" constitutes an unacceptable change from the past.

You can read the full decision here.

Local 100 President Richard Davis fought hard alongside RTO Vice President Canella Gomez to ensure that the members did not have to reimagine how they would sustain their lives at home. These are real people who come to work to provide a better life for their families. Both Local 100 leaders welcomed the Decision and Edelman's ruling that the NYCT has to work with the Union to achieve a better result.

"Local 100 will never hesitate to defend our members' legal rights, whether it's in the streets or the arbitration suite," said President Davis