Bus Op. Felix Checo's Quick Thinking Saves a Life!


Dubbed an MTA Hero by ABC News, Felix Checo, a dedicated TWU Local 100 Member saved a life last month.

On October 3, while Checo was at the helm of the Bx9 bus, he received word that a passenger had become unconscious. Checo promptly secured the bus, ensuring the safety of the passengers on board, and facilitated their exit. He then immediately attended to the distressed passenger. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Checo took swift action by dialing 911 for assistance. 

Given that EMS services were delayed due to traffic congestion, he initiated life-saving chest compressions and CPR. Within minutes, the EMS team arrived, taking charge of the situation and efficiently transporting the unconscious passenger to the hospital. It is largely thanks to the swift and skilled response by Felix Checo that the customer regained consciousness. The New York Police Department promptly informed the Department of Buses about this positive turn of events, underlining Checo's instrumental role in this life-saving incident.