Heat Wave: Rest breaks, drinking water crucial to working safely

This week’s 100-plus degree temperatures don’t just make transit work uncomfortable; they can make work dangerous. Dehydration, cramps, hear exhaustion, even heat stroke are possible.

To counter these dangers, NYC Transit employees have the right to:

  • rest breaks to cool off when it is too hot;
  • cool, clean drinking water as needed

If it is not possible to take your rest break at your job site, ask your supervisor for the nearest appropriate location. You have the right to go there to cool down.

If water is not available at your job site, ask your supervisor where it is available.

According to Local 100 Safety Directory Earl Phillips, taking breaks and drinking water are key to a healthy work routine in hot weather. Said Phillips: “Heat can kill. Short of killing, it can cause real damage. That’s why there are heat rules. Every transit worker should be taking rest breaks and drinking water as needed.”

If you have any problems in these matters, contact the union.

24-hour Safety Hotline 888-898-6608

click here for flyer [pdf]