Indian Day Brings 800 to Celebrate Transit Workers' Heritage

Indian Day 2022

Over 800 transit workers of Indian heritage gathered in Fresh Meadows, Queens for a night of celebration. Both President Tony Utano and Secretary-Treasurer Richard Davis spoke to the crowd, and all of the top union officers in attendance -- including VP's Shirley Martin, Canella Gomez, Robert Kelley, and Donald Yates lit the ceremonial candle to begin the event. Indian cuisine was a highlight, as well as entertainment featuring Bollywood-style singing and dancing. State Senator and longtime TWU Local 100 supporter John Liu was on hand, as well as Dilip Chauhan, Deputy Commisssioner, Mayor's Office for International Affairs.

President Utano got an unexpected award, from WBLS radio personality Dr. Bob Lee, who presented him with a plaque from his Make the Grade Foundation for his humanitarian work.