MTA CEO Search Continues: While MTA Waits, TWU Acts

These include:

  • The stand out role we played getting transportation up and running after Hurricane Sandy,
  • The recognition given transit workers by the Daily News’ Hometown Heroes series,
  • Our public campaign to expose management’s acceptance that dozens of riders will die on the tracks every year, and scores of transit workers are left with the weighty burden of living with a fatal 12-9.

These public outreach efforts underscore our dedication to our jobs and our passengers, and have increased public support for our push for a fair contract.

Our bargaining position is further strengthened by the fact that another MTA union has rejected givebacks. Conductors on Metro-North overwhelmingly turned down a 6-year contract that would have given them raises in only four years – raises that would have been paid for by big work-rule givebacks and huge out of pocket increases in the cost of medical benefits , including first time ever retiree health care contributions. This clear rejection of givebacks comes on top of last year’s declaration by an arbitrator that the MTA CAN PAY.

In the coming months, transit workers will continue to push on the job, with our allies in the community, and in the media for a fair contract. On March 12, dozens of buses will be taking TWU 100 members to Albany to press for a contract settlement and in support of specific bills that will improve our lives on the job and in retirement. To be part of this action, register online

Transit workers deserve a fair contract. With your support, we will get it.

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