MTA Reneges on Agreement to Pay for 10/29 and 10/30

A message to all members at TA, OA and MTA Bus from President John Samuelsen 



Over the last several days, I have had repeated conversations with senior management at the MTA, including NYC Transit President Tom Prendergast and MTA Bus President Darryl Irick, which resulted in an agreement that those who were unable to get into work on 10/29 and 10/30 would be paid.  


Today the MTA reneged on the agreement they made with TWU Local 100. They have thoroughly demonstrated that their word means nothing, and that they do not know the meaning of good faith.


In some departments, we were outright told to stay home with pay for Monday and Tuesday.  We were not given the option of coming into work. In every department, we were prevented from getting into work because of the decision of the Governor to shut the system down. The decision was not ours and we should not have to bear the cost.


By this decision, management shows what they truly think of the round the clock effort we have made to get the bus and subway system back running after Hurricane Sandy.  They show how little respect they have for their workforce. During the hurricane, and then during the mammoth effort to restore service, the MTA praised local 100 for the incredibly difficult work we performed. But actions speak louder than words, and we must never forget this assault on our paychecks. Every worker at the TA, OA and MTA Bus should remember this when asked to make an extra effort "for the good of the service". Unfortunately, the MTA does not deserve our "extra effort".  


TWU 100 will continue to fight for full pay during the storm for everyone who was told to stay home or who was unable to get in because the system was shut down. We will continue to fight to be treated fairly and with respect.