Pete Donohue Joins TWU Family

As a columnist, he advocated strongly for New York City transit workers, their unions, and the millions of daily bus and subway riders who depend on public transit.

The New York Press Association, the Society of Professional Journalists, the New Jersey Press Association, the Associated Press and the Deadliner Club have all recognized his work. Donohue was also a regular radio and TV guest providing expert analysis on important current events on National Public Radio, WABC New York, WNYC, the Public Broadcasting System, CNN, NBC and NY1.

Three years ago, Donohue was instrumental in launching the annual Daily News Hometown Heroes in Transit awards that cited transit workers who went ‘above and beyond’ for the public and their co-workers. The NYC Transit Emerald Society honored Donohue as ‘Irishman of the Year’ in October 2014.  He was also recognized for his years of advocacy for transit workers at the union's 2015 Quill Connolly celebration on March 16, 2015.

On his new career with TWU, Donohue stated: “I’m excited to join TWU because I genuinely believe that strong unions are not only good for their members, but for all workers, whether their collars are blue or white.  They push back against the insidious notion that bosses don’t have to provide pensions, affordable healthcare or even respect to employees.  They are a check and balance against boardroom fat cats whose main concern is maximum profits, not the welfare of those doing the actual work.  Starting with Mike Quill, TWU members have been on the front lines of the biggest battles in America, including the struggles for civil rights and women’s rights.  I’m proud to join them.”