RTO Conductor Menaced with Weapon

The conductor was instantly shaken, fearing for her safety and the possibility of not making it home to her children that day. President Richard Davis, who has been at the forefront of several safety initiatives within Local 100, emphasized the critical need for more serious measures to protect subway conductors. At a meeting with the transit authority, Davis pushed for a new safety measure to protect conductors who may be at risk of assault by irate passengers while on the train platform. "I have discussed with the MTA the necessity of putting a barrier in the conductor's area to ensure that no one can breach that space," President Davis declared. "We want armed security; we are tired. We cannot take any more of this."

President Davis also underscored the urgency of the situation. "This calls for an expedited process to approve and implement a safety barricade design. The proposed barrier aims to shield conductors from potential threats, providing a physical barrier between them and passengers. This measure, if approved and implemented promptly, could significantly enhance the safety of conductors who have no choice but to lean out of their cab, exposing themselves to harm during their duties.” Said Davis.