Stroller Wars

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A bus rider in the Bronx nearly tripped over an open stroller on a bus, sparking a fight and the arrest of 3 passengers last week, VP Donnie Yates reports.

Open strollers are only allowed on a small number of buses and routes in an MTA pilot program that our bus reps objected to for safety reasons. Because of the pilot and publicity surrounding it, some riders now think open-strollers are permitted on any bus.

“I’m opposed to the stroller pilot because of the issues you are getting ready to see,” Yates said. “It’s not shocking to me because we told the MTA that you will have assaults on the buses as a result. We also mentioned that we didn’t think that customers would differentiate between the pilot buses and the rest of the routes.”

More information can be found in this article which ran in The City:

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In this image, a woman was arrested following a dispute on a bus involving a stroller.