Surviving the Collapse: How Bus Op. Ian Hanley Led Passengers to Safety

DECEMBER 14 -- Heroes don’t always wear capes. Meet Ian Hanley, a Bus Operator, who was commended for his bravery in leading customers to safety in a chaotic scene amid heavy smoke. On Monday afternoon, as he drove the Bx40 on West Burnside Ave., chaos struck. A building facade collapsed right before his eyes at 1915 Billingsley Terr. Without hesitation, Hanley became a beacon of hope, guiding his passengers to safety amidst the chaos. Yesterday, he was honored with a Certificate of Commendation by MTA Bus President/NYCT SVP of Buses Frank Annicaro at the Gun Hill Depot. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the everyday heroes among us, whose selflessness inspires us all.

To read the full account of this gripping incident, visit ABC7NY’s article here for more details.