Union Commends Law Enforcement Surge; Calls for Additional Measures

Davis pointed to months of calls from TWU Local 100 leadership and members pressing MTA leadership for increased safety measures to thwart the violence and ensure public safety.

"Janno Lieber and MTA honchos are late to this conversation. For months, we have been sounding the alarm about the terrifying acts of violence and aggression afflicting our members as they simply look to move riders safely through the city. And for months, we have been ignored and our calls for action disregarded. As a result, riders and workers alike have suffered. While MTA leadership willfully looked the other way, blood has been spilled."

TWU Local 100's leadership stands united in demanding that more be done to protect riders and transit workers.

"The measures announced today do not go far enough. We want to see pre-trial conditions on those who assault transit workers and passengers, prohibiting them from entering the system. This can be done effectively immediately. This promised surge of 1,000 MTA Police Officers and National Guardsmen cannot be just a temporary measure. It must remain in place. And the Governor spoke today about legislative action to prevent and reverse transit crimes. We must be at the table to ensure that any proposed legislation truly accounts for the safety of all."

"Today's press conference appears to be the beginning of real action undertaken by city and state stakeholders. But we will not stand for empty rhetoric and posturing for the cameras while our workers risk their well-being every day. Ultimately, it is the MTA that bears responsibility for protecting our members under existing labor laws. Though welcome, today's announcements do not release the Authority from focusing on safety even if service is affected. Rest assured, we will hold them to those obligations."

Watch the MTA News Conference Here