Union Holds Press Conference for Assaulted Bus Operator

JUNE 11 -- TWU Local 100 held a press conference today at the Union Hall to zero in on increasing assaults on buses. A female Bus Operator recounted an attack which she experienced on her B6 bus in East New York last Friday. The Operator, who did not want her name used, said she was punched when she refused to stop the bus at an unauthorized corner. She was badly bruised and wore an eye patch at the conference.

Local 100 President Richard Davis called her "a hero today" for having the courage to come forward. He called for District Attorneys to press for penalties of seven years in jail for those who assault transit workers. "The Mayor's office and the DA's need to come back to the table and talk to us about these issues," he said.

Secretary-Treasurer John Chiarello said, "The MTA is not living up to its obligation to protect members on the job. We want MTA CEO Jan Lieber to deploy all of his resources." He called for underground police officers to be deployed on buses.

TA Surface Vice President JP Patafio called the asssaults "a type of micro-terrorism" and said that members would not stand for it.