Union Press Conference Highlights Assault on Station Agent at Nereid Avenue

Kelley said: “We need people out there to understand that if they put their hands on transit workers, there are going to be consequences – not just a slap on the wrist.” Davis, Kelley, and Secretary-Treasurer John Chiarello, stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Station Agent Baboo Singh, 74, as Singh described to the media the attack that occurred one night last week at the Nereid Ave. station. Singh was waiting in uniform for a train to take him down the line to his work location when a man approached from behind, punched him in the face, and knocked him to the platform. The attacker continued to punch and kick Singh for several minutes before running off when a train started pulling into the station. The man didn’t say a word before the burst of violence.

“I think I was targeted because I’m an MTA worker,” Singh said. “There were a lot of people there, but he came straight to me.” Singh’s injuries include a swollen and cut face, a fractured nose, and a fractured facial bone.

Police yesterday arrested Anthony Williams, 30, and charged him with assault. State law classifies assaulting a transit worker as a felony with a maximum punishment of 7 years in prison. Authorities said Williams, who is homeless, has more than 20 prior arrests.

“We are thankful the NYPD made an arrest, but we want this guy to remain behind bars we want to make sure he doesn’t come out and attack anyone else,” Davis said. The latest statistics show that through August, compared to last year, there have been 110 felony or misdemeanor assaults against bus and subway workers combined, an increase of 39%. Assaults against subway workers went from 30 to 51, an increase of 70%, while Bus Operator assaults rose 14%, from 42 incidents to 48