Coronavirus Updates

Here are TWU Local 100's Coronavirus Updates

(conrtinuous updating in progress)

NOVEMBER 15 -- Management has issued a memo on COVID-19 testing which explains testing procedures for members who choose not to get vaccinated. It also explains how to provide proof of vaccination. You can read it here.

NOVEMBER 4 -- MTA employees can reach out to the MTA COVID-19 Hotline at 646-252-1010. Additional information for employees is available on the internal My MTA Portal. Log in using your BSC ID and password.

OCTOBER 18 -- The MTA has rolled out its new Covid-19 testing program. If you are unvaccinated - and testing is taking place at your work location - you are required to get tested every week. Supervisors are not going to direct you to get tested. If a testing station is at your work location, it’s up to you to participate.

It’s free and easy. Protect yourself, your co-workers, and your families from the deadly virus.

It can take days before Covid-19 symptoms emerge. Testing is the only way to detect the virus early so you can get treatment right away and can quarantine to prevent spreading it to others. For more information, including the times and locations of testing sites, go to MTA Covid-19 Resource Center:

New Expedited Testing Centers for MTA Employees

Proper Usage of Masks

Three new laws provide relief for COVID-19 sufferers

You can access the MTA's COVID-19 Portal here.

Union, MTA Agree to Relaxation for Sick Rules, Discipline

Union, MTA Agreement on Rear-Door Only Boarding of Buses

President Utano Interviewed on NY1 -- March 20

President Utano Statement on Transit Workers Testing Positive for the Coronavirus

Questions and Answers from the MTA

First Fact Sheet on the Coronavirus (Note: Written before we were advised of positive cases.)