Coronavirus Update: Rear-door Boarding Only for Local and Select Bus Service Starting Monday

MARCH 20 -- Throughout this emergency, TWU Local 100 and the Amalgamated Transit Union have had ongoing discussions with the MTA about protecting transit workers from the coronavirus while maintaining the bus and subway service New Yorkers need. We haven’t always agreed on strategies, but we all realize this is an unprecedented challenge. It requires cooperation and unprecedented actions.

One of our major concerns has been Bus Operators’ proximity to passengers entering through the front door and paying their fares close to Bus Operators sitting at the wheel.

I’m pleased to announce the MTA and TWU have reached an agreement on rear-door boarding, which will help eliminate contact between riders and Bus Operators.

Starting Monday, riders on all local and Select Bus Service routes will board through the back door. The front door will remain closed. The only exception will be ADA customers requiring wheelchair lifts

Express bus riders will board as normal. They will not, however, be allowed to sit in the first two rows to ensure customers are a safe social distance from Bus Operators.

We know we are essential workers providing an essential service during this national emergency – but we also need to be protected to the greatest extent possible. This is the right move. It will better protect our Bus Operators, give them peace of mind, and demonstrate that their concerns have been heard.

Listen to President Utano's interview on WCBS88 here.