The Demands Are In!

“When most of NYC was isolated at home, we were on the job, moving essential workers, keeping the hospitals open and staffed, ensuring the food supply chain was functioning so families could put food on the table. Many of our union brothers and sisters died, and many more fell sick and survived. My message to the MTA is this: Don’t try and nickel and dime us. Don’t try and balance the budget on our backs. Don’t dare suggest that we somehow owe a debt. We paid more than our fair share already."

Davis presented the demands to MTA brass at the Union Hall this morning in downtown Brooklyn, including: wage hikes that account for inflation and recognize the importance of the work Local 100 members perform day in and day out; improved health benefits, including mental health services; and a pledge by the MTA to support state legislation to eliminate the overtime cap imposed on members who are enrolled in the Tier 6 pension plan. 

According to the latest numbers available, there were 110 confirmed COVID fatalities among Local 100 members while other cases were under review.

TWU International President John Samuelsen informed management and transit workers by letter that the International fully backs Local 100 in this contract fight.

"As International President, I pledge that TWU is locked and loaded for every possible scenario, and we will not back down or compromise on what we deem necessary for the job security and economic stability of our members and their families," he said. 

Davis was flanked during the presentation by Secretary-Treasurer John Chiarello, Administrative Vice President Lynwood Whichard, Recording Secretary LaTonya Crisp, and the Vice Presidents, Shirley Martin (CED), Richard Rocco (MOW), Donald Yates (MaBSTOA), Pete Rosconi (MTA Bus/Private Bus/School Bus), Canella Gomez (RTO), Robert Kelley (Stations), and JP Patafio (TA Surface).

Local 100 represents approximately 40,000 bus and subway workers employed by the MTA. The current contract expires at midnight on 5/15/2023.