TWU's Media Campaign Driving Vision Zero Amendment Push

NYC's Vision Law unfairly and illogically targets Bus Operators. TWU Local 100 has geared up and fought this injustice – the criminalizing of transit professionals for doing exactly what NYC and the MTA require them to as a condition of employment. Accidents in which there no negligence or recklessness by the operator, are now crime scenes because of this poorly drafted law. We have also mounted an increasingly powerful media campaign – the ads are below for you to click and download.

City Council members are coming on board  to amend the law – we have 25 supporters and counting. Our emphasis is to protect our Bus Operators from being arrested for non negligent accidents. The solution is to fix the systemic causes of right-of-way accidents involving MTA buses, including street design, MTA bus routing, pedestrian and cyclist behavior, and lines of sight on buses. Again, we urge everyone to get behind City Council amendment Int. 663 to eliminate the unintended consequences of  Vision Zero. Fix the system. Stop arresting Bus Operators.

Click here to view/download our first ad.

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