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Ryder the day after he fell
Ryder the day after he fell

Sad Passing of Ryder

Statement from TWU Local 100 on the sad passing of Ryder, the carriage horse that collapsed in August.

We’re all saddened by Ryder’s death. His new owner, who was taking care of him in retirement and made the difficult decision to euthanize in consultation with a team of vets, indicated Ryder was believed to have had cancer. 

Ryder appeared in good health in April when he arrived in the city and passed a mandatory physical exam. He then lost weight rapidly during the late summer. He should have been sidelined then and checked by an equine veterinarian.

This was an isolated incident involving one driver and one horse out of 200. It absolutely is not representative of the entire horse-carriage industry or the high standards to which we are committed. 

Immediately after Ryder’s incident, carriage driver leaders began putting into place internal protocols, such as:

–      Forming a standing Safety Committee to ensure that horses developing any health issues are noticed as soon as possible, regardless of the actions or whereabouts of their particular owners. 

–      Bringing in a new veterinary practice, New England Equine, to visit the stables every two weeks to perform the city mandated physicals and conduct additional body-condition assessments, providing a new continuity of care and layer of scrutiny. 

–      Organizing the first of several planned horse-health clinics for drivers conducted by an equine veterinarian.

–      Electing a shop steward for each barn to provide a new structure and system of internal controls and oversight.

–      Unveiling the Big HEART platform - which envisions additional training, further common-sense regulations, and a stable in Central Park so the horses don’t have to commute on city streets.

We are doing all this in furtherance of our commitment to continue working in the best interests of our beloved horses and their welfare.

Click here to read the Big Heart platform

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Union Celebrates Eastern European & Central Asian Day in Brighton Beach

Eastern European & Central Asian Heritage Day

Union members who hail from Eastern Europe and Central Asia enjoyed a festive day of dancing, food, and entertainment at Local 100's annual event at Tatiana's restaurant in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.

Union leaders attending including President Utano, Secretary-Treasurer Richard Davis, and Shirley Martin, VP of Car Equipment, where many members come from Russia, the Ukraine, and many republics of the former Soviet Union. Also on scene was MOW VP John V. Chiarello, TA Surface VP JP Patafio, and many Division officers. International President John Samuelsen spoke powerfully on the need to unify the union in preparation for a big contract fight come next year. Also speaking were politicians including Assemblyman Peter Abbate and City Councilman Ari Kagan.

These photos will give you an idea of the professional caliber of the entertainment. Photos can't do justice to the food, however.

Union Toy Drive on Through Friday, 11/25

IB ImageOur Holiday Toy Drive is now in progress.

The Working Women's Committee will be collecting toys and unwrapped donations of clothing and arts and crafts materials for kids who are in need of holiday cheer and who are in shelters or other difficult circumstances.

Please look for donation boxes at your work location.

Hispanic Heritage Night Honors Carlos Bernabel with First Nelson Rivera Award

IB Image

Gone but never forgotten.

OCTOBER 13 -- TWU Local 100 honored the late Nelson Rivera at the Hispanic Heritage Celebration Wednesday night with personal tributes to the labor “warrior” and a new award bearing his name.

The inaugural Nelson Rivera Award award went to Private Operations Division Chairman Carlos Bernabel.

IB Image

“He too is a true warrior in every sense of the word,,” MTA Bus/PBL/School Bus Vice President Pete Rosconi said of Bernabel. “I have watched him demand Liberty Lines managers treat Local 100 members with respect and dignity, and demand that Westchester County government officials pony up when it came to wages and benefits. I can not think of anyone more deserving of this award.”

Rivera served three terms as CED Vice President before the Executive Board elevated him to Administrative VP in 2017. He died in 2020 after a valiant struggle with cancer.

Rivera’s tenacity and commitment to the membership is becoming legendary: his battles with management literally continued to the day he died. He was on the phone on his final day arguing with supervisors about their failures in providing masks during the pandemic, his widow, Catherine recalled.

“He loved the union and the members,” Catherine said. “They were everything to him.”

Rivera also organized and led several relief missions to Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria.

Local 100 President Tony Utano presented Catherine Rivera with an award posthumously honoring Rivera as a “Humanitarian, Leader, Ambassador, Warrior.”

MAC Nurses Unionize

The nurses are in the house. 

Staff nurses who work at the MTA’s Medical Assessment Centers have joined Transport Workers Union Local 100.  

Management granted voluntary recognition to the group after all members signed pledge cards, Local 100 Senior Director of Organizing Frank McCann said. 

“The nurses were united in wanting to join and they remain united,” McCann said. “We look forward to negotiating on their behalf.”

The nurses first expressed interest in unionizing to Member Services Director Chris Lightbourne. Lightbourne then connected the medical workers with the Local 100 Organizing team.

Staff Nurse Peter Fung said his colleagues need help addressing a range of problems, including inadequate staffing, irregular and last-minute job assignments, and insufficient compensation for additional duties.

“Overall, the group is feeling pretty positive,” Fung said. “We feel like we can ask for some changes and make some solid improvements.”


Stations Vice President Kelley Raises Assault Issues on National TV

Stations Vice President Robert Kelley took the national airwaves recently to talk about the assault on CTA Anthony Nelson and the need to elected officials to modify laws to better protect workers in the transit system. Nelson was attacked by a career criminal Alexander Wright, whom authorities repeatedly arrested, jailed, and released to asault again. 

You can watch some of Kelley's comments here:



Working Women's Committee and Family Assistance Coordinator Giselle Martinez (second from right) with Committee Members Celeste Kirkland (far left) and Isabel Camacho (far right)
Working Women's Committee and Family Assistance Coordinator Giselle Martinez (second from right) with Committee Members Celeste Kirkland (far left) and Isabel Camacho (far right)

Marching Against Domestic Violence

The Working Women’s Committee participated in two marches that were held in Washington Heights to raise awareness about domestic violence, which affects millions of Americans.

Committee members joined Working Women’s Committee and Family Assistance Coordinator Giselle Martinez at The Bride Walk on Sept. 26 and the Shine The Light Community March on Oct. 1.  Both events were started in response to brutal murders of young women from the northern Manhattan neighborhood.

These public demonstrations are held to condemn violence and educate community members about services that are available to help victims escape abusive relationships, Martinez said. 


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Tuition Reimbursement Open Houses Set for October

IB ImageOn  October 19th and October 25th, the Training and Upgrading Fund will present tuition reimbursement information for members employed the OA/TA and MTA Bus. For more information, just click on the image of the flyer.

MaBSTOA V.P. Donald Yates Commends Bus Operator Raynell Cody



SEPTEMBER 29 -- Thanks to the alertness and quick-thinking of one of our Bus Operators from West Farms, a mother and newborn baby – who arrived into this world on the bus – received near-immediate medical care, Yates reports. 


“To this Brother, I want to say ‘Thank you for your service,’ Yates said. “This is just a fraction of what we do as transit workers. I’m very proud.”

Here’s the story:


A pregnant woman boarded Cody’s westbound bus at 161st St. and River Avenue in the Bronx on Tuesday and took a seat towards the rear with other passengers. He continued on his 103/Bx6 route and headed towards the Macombs Dam Bridge near Yankee Stadium. 


Suddenly, there was panic in the back of the bus.



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