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New Promotional Opportunities Available in Stations Department

Additional training and promotional opportunities are now available to Station Agents and CTAs in the Stations Department, Vice President Robert Kelley announced.

After discussions with management, Station Agents have a path to becoming a Collecting Agent, which would mean a pay increase of $1.13 per hour, Kelley said. Transit will pick up the cost for you to obtain your CDL license and your gun permit.You must have three years of service, and your time and attendance will be reviewed by management to determine eligibility.

Cleaners, meanwhile, can obtain their CDL, also on the company’s dime, so they can potentially pick into driver positions in the refuse department. “This is all about giving more and expanded opportunities for the Stations Department,” Kelley said. “We want the membership to have opportunities for growth, both professionally and financially.”

Station Agents interested in applying for the Collecting Agent position, go to the MTA BSC portal:

Cleaners interested in the CDL write a G2 to Marie Bernoff in Refuse.


Final Deadline Coming for 9/11 Pension, Worker's Comp Benefits

JULY 27 -- Secretary-Treasurer and Safety Director Richard Davis is sending a letter to all TWU Local 100 members who are still active and served during the rescue and recovery effort at the World Trade Center attack on September 11, 2001. Retirees who served at the site are also being notified. The letter notes that there are two important deadlines which are coming up on September 11 of this year -- deadlines for filing a 9/11 Notice of Participation with your pension system (either NYCERS or MABSTOA) and a deadline for filing a Registration of Participation with the Worker's Compensation Board.

Read the letter to understand what these deadlines mean for you.


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Union Mourns Lighting Maintainer Damian Valerio, Killed in Tragic Accident

Statement from MOW Vice President John Chiarello, LES Division Chair Chris Canty, Vice Chair Alex Seise, Vice Chair Rosario Parlanti and the LES Committee:

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the tragic passing of one of our union brothers, Lighting Maintainer Damian Valerio. Damian was killed in motorcycle accident in Queens on Tuesday, July 26, 2022.

“Damian was a great guy, a family man, who got along with everyone,” MOW Vice President John Chiarello said. “This is a terrible loss.”

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Buses Edge Subways in Basketball Tourney at Barclays

Subways v Buses Basketball

SATURDAY, JULY 23 -- The first annual Buses v. Subways basketball tourney took place at the world famous Barclays Center in Brooklyn, with Buses edging out Subways 37-34. The hotly anticipated game came after the NY Liberty triumphed over the Chicago Sky and TWU Local 234 (SEPTA/Philadelphia) bested New Jersey Transit. MC's Regan Weal and Mustapha Sawaneh from Buses and Dennis Leger from Trains kept the crowd entertained before the players got down to business. At courtside were TWU Local 100 President Tony Utano, Secretary-Treasurer Richard Davis, and MABSTOA VP Donald Yates along with Operators Chair Sean Battaglia. Enjoy the photos from the event!

Heat Flyer Advisory -- MaBSTOA -- Download and Post

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Shuttle With Sweltering Train Operator's Cab Taken Out of Service

TWU Local 100 gets action.

A Grand Central Shuttle train was taken out of service Wednesday morning after the Train Operator – acting on advice from RTO leadership – reported that his cab’s air-conditioning wasn’t working and it was unsafe to operate due the excessive heat.

RTO departmental officers have been instructing train crews to put safety first during this heat wave. The message: If temperatures spike, and the cab's air-conditioning system is broken, tell the RCC it's unsafe to operate.

The Train Operator on the Shuttle called RCC after being advised to do so by B-Division Vice Chair Kenneth Rivera, who went to the Grand Central Shuttle to investigate a report to RTO from Train Operator Patricia Phillip that a T/O was assigned a hot cab.

Read our Heat Safety flyer here.

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Working in the Heat Can Be Dangerous -- An Alert from Your Safety Team

Click to learn more about 'working in the heat' from your Safety Department.

Bus Operator Giselle Martinez Named Women’s Committee Coordinator

JULY 8 -- Bus Operator Giselle Martinez – a published author, an active union member, and the former president of a non-profit childcare provider – is the new Working Women’s Committee and Family Assistance Coordinator, President Tony Utano and Secretary-Treasurer Richard Davis announced Friday.

A Bus Operator in the TA Surface Division for seven years, Martinez penned an autobiography, “The Lady of the Miracle” (La Dama del Milagro) which chronicles the struggles she faced in her life and how she overcame them.

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TWU Local 100 Introduces TWU Recap -- Episode 1

It’s hard to keep informed.  The job, the family, life itself, can get in the way. That’s why TWU Local 100 created the TWU Recap.

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Mayor Adams Meets TWU on Safety

Friday, July 8, 2022 -- Mayor Eric Adams met with Local 100 President Tony Utano and Secretary-Treasurer Richard Davis at the Quill Depot to discuss ways to combat the assaults and abuse being inflicted on Bus Operators and our members working in the subway.

ATU Local 1179 President Jose DeJesus and ATU Local 1056 President Mark Henry also joined the meeting focused on improving workplace safety and better protecting transit workers on the job.

“This is just so important to come here and sit down and speak with the union reps that represent the members on the front line,” the mayor said after the sit-down.  “You can’t deal with crime sitting behind your desk in City Hall. You have to speak with those who are impacted, hear their ideas, and that’s what we did today.”

The Mayoral meeting came a day after Utano and Davis, also the Local 100 Safety Director, announced that teams of MTA police are now riding some bus routes. “I believe we are making real progress,” Utano said Thursday. “We’ve made a big push to get police on buses, but we need more, and we need involvement from the NYPD.”

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