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RTO Interviews: How to clear your car of passengers at the last stop

Vice President of RTO, Canella Gomez talks to rank and file members to make sure that we have adequate police presence.

Watch the video below:

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Members Heard as Contract Policy Committee Refines Demands

MARCH 4 — TWU Local 100's Contract Policy Committee on March 4 evaluated 2400 member responses to our contract survey, conducted last month. One thousand members filled out surveys in person and another 1400 did so online.

The Contract Policy Committee consists of Departmental representatives as well as the Executive Board.

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Celebrate Quill Connolly Day with Local 100

Come to your union’s annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration of TWU founder Mike Quill and James Connolly, Irish labor leader, patriot, martyr, and founder of the Irish Transport and General Workers Union.

Wednesday March 15th

at the TWU Local 100 Union Hall
195 Montague St. 3rd fl.
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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It's International Women's History Month

Get ready to celebrate International Women's Day with TWU Local 100! Join us on March 22nd for a day of inspiring talks, powerful networking, and meaningful connection. #EmbraceEquity

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NBC Report: Arbitrator Rules Against MTA Service Cut Plan

TWU Local 100 President Richard Davis, quoted in the report, said the Arbitrator's decision is good news, for both riders and workers.

Highlight From Our Black History Celebration: Congresswoman Yvette Clarke Addresses the Union

Gothamist Profiles MaBSTOA VP Donald Yates; Honoring the Black Middle Class

In a news story and a radio interview, Gothamist reporter Steven Nessen profiles MaBSTOA VP Donald Yates as a transit worker whose family has built a solid, middle-class lifestyle through transit union jobs. 

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Arbitrator Sides with Union; Stops A Div RTO Pick

FEBRUARY 28 – Arbitrator Howard Edelman handed down a decision today that stops NYCT from carrying out the Spring A Division Pick, taking plans for service cuts off the table for now.

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Richard Davis, Local 100's Third Black President, Sets Course of Empowerment

Black power has found a champion in TWU Local 100 President Richard Davis. He spared no effort in guaranteeing that our annual Black History celebration on February 22nd would be the biggest in our history.

Throughout the evening, videos produced by TWU Local 100 Communications documented the proud history of our Union in fighting for civil rights – and the courage and commitment shown by trail-blazing Black Union officers across the years.

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Union Partners with Riders Alliance to Seek $300M Boost to MTA Budget

FEBRUARY 22 -- Standing outside Grand Central Station with a coalition that included the Riders Alliance, Transportation Alternatives, and the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, TWU Local 100 President Richard Davis condemned the MTA's recent move to cut morning service on seven subway lines beginning in June. "We will not stand for service cuts -- and how can we get to a six-minute headway if they're going to cut service?," he said. "How are they going to fix the Second Avenue subway with service cuts? That will never happen."

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