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Rolling Over Your Retro Pay

The MTA Business Service Center has mailed out a letter to all members at TA/OA who are eligible for retroactive pay. The letter explains the options for rolling over up to 80% of your retro into a 401(k) or 457 account. Accompanying the letter is a form to be returned to the BSC if you wish to roll money over.

If you have not received your letter, please contact the BSC: 646-376-0123

Those who want to take advantage of the rollover option must have the form back to the BSC by Friday, July 11. It can be emailed in, faxed in, or handed in during business hours at the BSC’s convenient Walk-In Center on the 6th floor of 180 Livingston St.

Retro payments will be rolled over or delivered to active members on August 27 for OA and August 28 for TA.

Trying to figure out your retro and how much to roll over? Click on image below to use our handy Estimator. Get out your W2s for 2012 and 2013, then enter your numbers in the yellow fields.

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Local 100's leadership campaigning with Espaillat last weekend
Local 100's leadership campaigning with Espaillat last weekend

All Out for Espaillat

With today's endorsement of Adriano by the New York Times, our campaign is getting a powerful boost. Get out the Vote for Adriano Espaillat for Congress! Here's what we're doing. Local 100 asks all members -- especially those who live in the 13th Congressional District -- to work hard to elect Adriano Espaillat, a friend of TWU Local 100 and mass transit. TWU Local 100 Campaign Headquarters is located at 2298 First Avenue, between 118th and 119th Streets. Tel: 347-429-4481

Here's the Schedule:

Friday, June 20th: 7:00 AM- 9:00 AM: Flyering at 110th Street and Lexington. 10:00 AM- 4:00 PM: Phonebanking. 4:00 PM- 7:00 PM: Flyering at 103rd Street and Lexington

Saturday, June 21st: 10:00 AM- 12:00 PM: Flyering at various locations; 10:00 AM- 7:00 PM: Phonebanking; 12:00 PM- 7:00 PM: Doorknocking

Monday, June 23rd: 10:00 AM- 4:00 PM: Phonebanking; 4:00 PM-7:00 PM: Doorknocking

Tuesday, June 24th (Primary Day): 7:00 AM- 9:00 AM: Flyering at various pollsites; 10:00 AM-8:00 PM: Phonebanking and doorknocking; 5:00- 9:00 PM: Flyering at various pollsites.

Let's win this race!

Pack the Courthouse for William Peña

Slain Bus Operator William Pena's widow, Nancy Rodriguez, makes an urgent plea to all union members -- come to court this Wednesday.

On June 18, the time is 9am, the place is 100 Centre Street in Manhattan, 13th floor, part 32. Let's show the public and the prosecutors that transit workers are all in for Willie and his family. Let's bring William's killer to justice and demand the maximum penalty for his heinous act.

2nd Memorial Hike for Pete Foley Set for Saturday, June 14

Former Director of Bargaining Unit Protection Pete Foley will be remembered by loving friends and family on Saturday, June 14th at Sterling Forest Park. Pete liked to take friends out to Sterling Forest. It is a lovely 4.1 mile hike around the lake over flat terrain.

Date:  Saturday, June 14, 2014  
Time:  10:30am
Where: Sterling Forest Visitors Center parking lot (across the street from the Visitor's Center)
Raindate:  Sunday, June 15, 10:30am
What to bring:  Water, sunscreen, lunch, good walking shoes/boots and your stories and fond memories of Pete.
Let's remember Pete and take a restful walk together.

Please find directions on how to get to Sterling Forest at the following link:

President Samuelsen Announces Overwhelming Membership Ratification -- 82% -- for TA/OA Contract

President John Samuelsen addressed the press corps surrounded by TWU Local 100 officers coming off a two-year contract fight that ended in victory with a deal worth $647 million. He gave a summary of the deal, the high stakes surrounding ratification, and the tenacity and determination of the union team to bring it home.

President Samuelsen Reminds Members at TA/OA: Lock It In

As the date for contract ratification vote counting draws near, TWU Local 100 President John Samuelsen asks members to get out the vote.

Samuelsen: Let's talk about the contract

On April 21 President Samuelsen visited Quill Depot to speak with members about the contract.

Click here for Part 1 of the Questions & Answers that followed; click here for part 2 of the Q&A

Glaser, Prendergast, Cuomo and Samuelsen address the press corps on the new tentative agreement
Glaser, Prendergast, Cuomo and Samuelsen address the press corps on the new tentative agreement

Pres. Samuelsen, Gov. Cuomo Announce Tentative Five-Year Contract Agreement

APRIL 17 -- TWU Local 100 President John Samuelsen sat down today with New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, MTA CEO Tom Prendergast, and Mr. Cuomo's Director of Operations Howard Glaser at the Governor's New York City office to announce a tentative contract settlement after two years of negotiations. The deal includes five years of raises and is retroactive to January 16, 2012. It also has benefit enhancements in health care, death benefits, and dental and optical. The TWU Local 100 Executive Board must now consider and vote to send the tentative agreement to the TWU Local 100 membership which has the final say. Check back at the TWU Local 100 website for updates, including the complete agreement once the Executive Board has voted.

Click the image above to read the letter
Click the image above to read the letter

TWU President Samuelsen Petitions Gov. Cuomo to Intervene in Contract Dispute with the MTA

TWU Local 100 President John Samuelsen petitioned NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to intervene in the protracted contract dispute between the union, representing 34,000 transit workers, and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. In his letter, Mr. Samuelsen said that in spite of intensified talks, significant stumbling blocks remain between the parties and have been preventing settlement of a contract for over two years. “Absent your intervention, I do not see a path to resolving a number of difficult issues,” he wrote. Samuelsen cited the dedicated work of his members during and after Hurricane Sandy and the steady advance in the cost of living as factors that demand a settlement at this time. He also noted the Governor’s previous success in bringing the parties together in a successful resolution of the Con Ed lockout of 2012.

Full text below

Dear Gov. Cuomo:

On behalf of the 34,000 hard-working men and women employed by the MTA New York City Transit and MaBSTOA, I urge you to personally intervene to bring an end to the protracted contract dispute between TWU Local 100 and the MTA.

I have resisted making this request for more than two years because I felt the differences between Local 100 and the MTA were too wide to bridge.

Recent conversations between myself and MTA Chair Tom Prendergast have intensified and while talks have produced some progress in understanding one another’s needs, significant stumbling blocks remain. Absent your intervention, I do not see a path to resolving a number of difficult issues.

As you know, transit workers provide a vital service to millions of New Yorkers seven days a week 24 hours a day, mostly in anonymity. But Superstorm Sandy put our essential contributions to the economy and the social fabric of our City on full display, both in the immediate aftermath of the storm and for months on end in the tireless efforts our members have demonstrated in reconstructing the transit system.

Throughout this time, we labored without complaint, and without demands for a contract settlement as a price for our daily ‘above-and-beyond’ performance.

By the same token, the continuing pressures of providing this service under difficult circumstances to an ever-expanding rider base, rising consumer prices, and years without any tangible recognition for our efforts have greatly impacted our members’ morale.

It is in everyone’s best interest to finally settle this long overdue dispute in a fair and equitable manner.

I understand that the MTA is an independent agency. However, you have stepped into labor disputes when circumstances required, such as your settlement of the Con Ed lockout in 2012. Quite frankly, I believe that your input is essential now if we are to reach a deal with the MTA. I am prepared to meet at a moment’s notice to bring this matter to conclusion.

TWU Local 100 urges you to get involved.


John Samuelsen


TWU Local 100

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One Worker's Story at UPS

Domenick DeDomenico, 40, was fired by UPS for joining 249 other drivers and refusing to work for 90 minutes on the morning of February 26th. They did this in solidarity with another driver who was fired for a minor infraction. DeDomenico spoke at Teamster Local 804's Thursday rally at City Hall, and explained that he had come back to work shortly before the job action after being out for nearly a year after being hit by a car while doing his job of delivering packages. The company said that his productivity had declined from 13 packages an hour to 12, and that he was slated to be fired even before participating in the job action.

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