B Division 2021 Vacation Pick

Tuesday, October 20th— Conductors and Train Operators in the “B” Division will begin picking vacations for 2021.

Vacation selections must be called-in to the NYCT Pick Section at the following phone numbers:

(718) 694 - 5459
(718) 694 - 4106
Train Operators
(718) 694 - 4292
(718) 694 - 3172

Please make every effort to call-in your choices a few minutes prior to your scheduled pick time.

If you are unable to call at your scheduled pick time, you can submit your pick selections by email to: RTO Pick Section
Carbon copy ("CC") one of your division officers on the e-mail as follows:

Raul Lugo, Chair
Chris Drummond, B Div. Vice Chair

Train Operators
Zachary Arcidiacono, Chair
Danny Hay, B Div. Vice Chair

B Division CR Call Sheets

B Division TO Call Sheets

*UPDATED 12/04 — 5:30pm

CR B Div Calendar

TO B Div Calendar

CR B Div HS Calendar