Rapid Transit Operations

IB ImageThe 6,500 members in this department include those who work on or near trains as they run throughout the system, including Train Operators, Conductors, Tower Operators, and Construction Flaggers.

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RTO Contract News:

February 2013

Feb 2012

RTO Bulletins:

Safe Pace of Work

Snow emergency pay

Snowstorms, AWOL and Time Cut

  • Snow-related grievance form: AWOL
  • Snow-related grievance form: Time Cut

Stay Off the Damned Phone!

The TA's Plan to Make Your Job Harder

Caution Saves Lives

28-Year Employee Fired for Chronic Absenteeism

About the Chemical Car Wash

Conductor Assaults Are Up

About Safety Shoes

Rules Governing OTO (Overtime Offsets)

Important Forms

Important Forms for AVA's, FMLA, IOD, and Others

Safety Walk-Around Forms

RTO safety walk-around forms


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