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50 Get TWU Local 100/M3 Scholarship Awards

May 20th was a big day for TWU Local 100 families, as proud college students, parents, and siblings gathered at the Union Hall for the M3 Technology - TWU Local 100 scholarship awards. Every department was represented as fifty $1,000 scholarships for college attendance were handed out, by TWU Local 100 President John Samuelsen and M3 President John Pescitelli. The scholarship program is open to all children, spouses, and members who are attending accredited colleges. Next year, the program will be back -- with larger awards! Click here for the complete list of awardees.

Charles Edwards
Charles Edwards

TWU Mourns Ret. Bus Operator Charles Edwards

TWU Local 100 mourns the passing of Retired Bus Operator Charles E. Edwards, of the Michael J. Quill Depot. There will be a viewing on Friday, May 28th, at the Concord Baptist Church of Christ, at 833 Gardner C. Taylor Blvd. (former Marcy Ave) in Brooklyn, from 9 AM to 10 AM. His funeral will follow directly after the viewing.

TWU Sec-Treasurer Earl Phillips Gets a View of New Digital Tech along with MTA Buses Chief Darryl Irick, MTA CEO Tom Prendergast, and Gov. Cuomo at Quill Depot
TWU Sec-Treasurer Earl Phillips Gets a View of New Digital Tech along with MTA Buses Chief Darryl Irick, MTA CEO Tom Prendergast, and Gov. Cuomo at Quill Depot

Digital Buses Get Roll-Out at Quill Depot

MAY 17 -- In the Bus Depot named after the great Mike Quill , Governor Andrew Coumo unveiled the latest addition to our bus fleet in NYC. Surrounded by MTA brass and Local 100 Bus Operators and Maintainers, the Governor noted, “Mr. [Earl] Phillips and the TWU, the Union that represents the workers, has been a great partner to us. We have a great relationship and the progress that we’re making, we couldn’t make without that partnership.”

With daily newspapers giving way to iphones, tablets, and other devices – and transit riders demanding a digital-friendly ride – the Governor was touting high-tech modernization as one of the benefits to New Yorkers from his infusion of cash into the MTA’s capital program. 75 of the new buses, equipped with USB charging ports and wifi, will be on the streets this summer, and their number will grow to 2,042 in five years under the capital plan. As he has done repeatedly since the beginning of the year, the Governor pushed mass transit as the solution to New York’s growing population and called it critical to our growing economy. Better amenities like wifi, he said, will ensure that people not only use mass transit “because there is no alternative, [but because] they actually like it.”

Increased investment in public transit means an increased level of job security and income potential for TWU Local members.

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Daily News Report: Trash Bags Sickening Transit Cleaners

In a copyrighted story on the newspaper's website, Daily News Transit Reporter Dan Rivoli devotes an extensive column to a mysterious effect of thick black trash bags which have been ordered by New York City Transit for use in the subways. The bags have a powerful, noxious odor, and are making many Cleaners represented by TWU Local100 ill. Stations Department VP Derrick Echevarria, Division Chair Joe Bermudez, and other officers have succeeded in getting transit to halt delivery of these bags and impound those that remain on the property. A memo from transit Stations VP John Gaito says that bags which emit strong odors will be removed and replaced. TWU Local 100 has sent samples of the bags out for independent testing as we try to identify the reason why they afflicted workers with nausea. The Daily News story reported on one worker who was so affected by dizziness and nausea that she was unable to work. Read the entire article here.

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