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Daily News Report: Transit Workers Getting 250,000 N95 Masks

IB Image A tale of two agencies: NYC transit workers to receive nearly 250,000 N95 masks to protect against coronavirus; correction officers still fighting for PPE

APRIL 4 -- In a copyrighted article today, the Daily News Reports on the successful effort on the part of TWU Local 100, ATU Locals, SMART-UTU and Teamsters Local 808. Read the complete article here.

Express Bus Benefit Now in Effect

The free Express Bus benefit TWU Local 100 secured in the contract ratified in January is now in effect. Members need only use their work pass for free trips.

William Scott, Kingsbridge Bus Operator, Dies of the Virus

Kingsbridge Depot has suffered its first loss to the Coronavirus.  Bus Operator William Scott, 51, passed away over the weekend.  He had been on the job since August 2014.
Kingsbridge Depot Chair Richard Fields said that Brother Scott “was a very nice guy, very popular.  Everyone liked him.  He had a lot of interests.
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Collecting Agent Daryl Laborde Lost to Virus

A beloved Collecting Agent, Daryl Laborde, 56, has died of complications from the Coronavirus.  Brother Laborde’s sister, Sharon, informed the union that he passed on April 4, 2020.  He had gone out sick on March 23, 2020. He joined transit in September 2014.
Brother Laborde leaves behind a grieving family, including 6 children and 10 grandchildren.
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Conductors to Get Face Shields

APRIL 5 -- The MTA will issue Conductors face shields as a defense against COVID-19. Management informed RTO Vice President Eric Loegel on Sunday that distribution would begin this week. “The Coronavirus is spread by respiratory droplets released when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or even talks,” Loegel said. “Because of the nature of the work, our Conductors and OPTO Train Operators must constantly expose their faces to the public. These face shields will provide them with an additional layer of protection, in conjunction with other PPE such as safety glasses and masks.”


Loegel, who urged management last month to explore see-through face shields as an option for Conductors, said their use is voluntary. While each conductor will be issued a face shield, they will not be required to wear one, he said.


This photo is an example of the type of shield being distributed. Conductors will still be required to wear their safety goggles.

RCI Lev Golubov Is Taken By the Virus

APRIL 5 -- The Local 100 Car Equipment Department has lost its second union Brother to the Coronavirus scourge. 
Road Car Inspector Lev Golubov, 58, died on April 5, 2020 after being hospitalized with the virus on March 24th.  He had seven years on the job at Corona Barn.
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Manhattan Residents Showing Love to Transit Workers


Residents of an apartment building that towers over a bus depot in Manhattan are regularly showing their love and support for transit workers – by cheering, banging pots, ringing bells and blowing whistles from their windows.
The waves of support often descend down to the Bus Operators at the Manhattanville Depot when they start arriving for shift but can appear just about anytime during the day or night, operators said.
“One person at their window will start making noise, then another will join in, and then everyone starts,” Tracey Young, the Local 100 Manhattanville Vice Chair, said.
Bus Operators at Manhattanville park their cars on a lot located on the top of the depot. Residents of the building have a birds-eye view of the facility. Before the pandemic, those residents took buses out of the depot to their jobs, stores and other destinations.
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A Message from TWU Local 100 President Tony Utano

p>APRIL 4 -- The MTA today will begin distributing N95 masks to TWU Local 100 members in the field. While we all recognize there was a global shortage, and we all wanted this safety equipment to come sooner, this is a very good development.
From the very beginning, the Transport Workers Union has had to compel the MTA to take some important safety-related actions, or had to push them to act with greater urgency.
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