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Subway Cleaner Undergoes Surgery After Brutal Attack

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A subway cleaner underwent surgery at Jacobi Hospital in the Bronx Friday afternoon for injuries suffered during a brutal attack in the Bronx, Stations Vice President Robert Kelley reports. 

CTA Anthony Nelson was attacked outside the Pelham Bay subway station on the No. 6 line Thursday morning at approximately 9:30 a.m. Nelson suffered a broken nose and a broken collarbone. Despite those injuries, Nelson and another man held the assailant long enough for the police to arrive and make an arrest, Kelley said.“It’s amazing what he did,” Kelley said. “He must have been in a hell of a lot of pain.”

Kelley called on the authorities to throw the book at the assailant. “This is another outrageous incident of violence,” Kelley said. “We come to work to do a job, not be punching bags.”

Kelley has been at Jacobi Hospital with Nelson’s mother, Lisa, and other family members throughout their ordeal, along with other Stations Department reps. Mayor Adams called Lisa Nelson to inquire about her son’s condition. Lisa Nelson and Kelley expressed anger that an ambulance crew also brought the suspect to Jacobi Hospital, apparently for a psychiatric evaluation, and was in the ER at the same time as Anthony. 


Kelley said it added “insult to injury” and he would demand an explanation from paramedics.

Son of Train Operator passes away

It is with great sadness we announce the passing of retired train operator Darryl Gause’s son Nelson Lee who has transitioned on. Nelson Lee was born September 15, 1982 in Brooklyn NY. He served in the United States Navy and is survived by his 5 children. We ask that you all keep our Brother Darryl Gause and his family in prayer at this difficult time.

MTA Bus, Career & Salary: Vote YES to the contract

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TWU Local 100 is urging Career & Salary and MTA Bus members to vote YES and ratify the tentative contract agreement with the MTA that will deliver annual raises, full retro pay, and other gains.

This is a good contract, a solid contract, that the TWU Local 100 Executive Board overwhelmingly approved to be advanced to you for ratification.

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Join us at the 40th National Dominican Day Parade

Aug 14th, 2022
Along 6th Ave.
New York, NY

Registration is required to march.
Attendance is Limited and Strongly Enforced


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TWU Recap | Episode 2: NOW STREAMING!

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Union Holds Press Conference to Commend Collecting Agent who Acted to Aid Police Officer


JULY 28 -- Stations Vice President Robert Kelley, joined by Secretary-Treasurer Richard Davis and more than a dozen other Local 100 members, heaped praise and thanks on the Collecting Agent who came to the aid of a police officer engaged in a violent struggle with an alleged fare-beater.

Appearing at the Union Hall Thursday morning, the Agent said he intervened after seeing the 16-year-old slam the officer to the ground and place the cop in a chokehold. “I was concerned about the safety of the officer, and for the public, if (the teen) grabbed his weapon,” the Agent, who requested anonymity, said.

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New Promotional Opportunities Available in Stations Department

Additional training and promotional opportunities are now available to Station Agents and CTAs in the Stations Department, Vice President Robert Kelley announced.

After discussions with management, Station Agents have a path to becoming a Collecting Agent, which would mean a pay increase of $1.13 per hour, Kelley said. Transit will pick up the cost for you to obtain your CDL license and your gun permit.You must have three years of service, and your time and attendance will be reviewed by management to determine eligibility.

Cleaners, meanwhile, can obtain their CDL, also on the company’s dime, so they can potentially pick into driver positions in the refuse department. “This is all about giving more and expanded opportunities for the Stations Department,” Kelley said. “We want the membership to have opportunities for growth, both professionally and financially.”

Station Agents interested in applying for the Collecting Agent position, go to the MTA BSC portal:

Cleaners interested in the CDL write a G2 to Marie Bernoff in Refuse.


Final Deadline Coming for 9/11 Pension, Worker's Comp Benefits

JULY 27 -- Secretary-Treasurer and Safety Director Richard Davis is sending a letter to all TWU Local 100 members who are still active and served during the rescue and recovery effort at the World Trade Center attack on September 11, 2001. Retirees who served at the site are also being notified. The letter notes that there are two important deadlines which are coming up on September 11 of this year -- deadlines for filing a 9/11 Notice of Participation with your pension system (either NYCERS or MABSTOA) and a deadline for filing a Registration of Participation with the Worker's Compensation Board.

Read the letter to understand what these deadlines mean for you.


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