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New Member: Big Bus Las Vegas Tour Guide Tricia Payne
New Member: Big Bus Las Vegas Tour Guide Tricia Payne

TWU Local 100 Organizes Tour Bus Workers in Three More Cities

JUNE 29, NEW YORK CITY -- Hundreds of new union members – from Chicago, Las Vegas, and San Francisco – have joined Transport Workers Union Local 100. These newly organized Bus Drivers and Tour Guides, all working for Big Bus Tours, expand TWU’s presence in the tour bus industry to six cities, as the new members join Drivers and Tour Guides already represented by the union in New York, Washington, DC, and Miami. With the new members, TWU now represents 500 Big Bus Tours employees. The company is the largest operator of open top sightseeing tours in the world.

An overwhelming majority of the Drivers and Tour Guides signed cards to indicate their desire for a union, said TWU Local 100 Director of Organizing Frank McCann. The American Arbitration Association certified the cards as constituting majorities of each group of employees on June 25th. The TWU has an agreement with Big Bus Tours that the company will not contest organizing efforts at their properties.

Big Bus employees saw Local 100’s gains for workers in New York as big incentives to go union. These gains included better pay for work on holidays, across the board wage increases, better medical coverage, and improved 401 (k) employer contributions.

Just last month, Local 100 organized 500 more MTA employees, predominantly in Staff Analyst titles.

“TWU Local 100’s message to transit workers in every branch of the industry is the same,” said Local 100 President Tony Utano. “We will aggressively fight to increase your wages and benefits and protect your job as you do the important work of serving the public.”

Union Victory on Sleep Apnea Rules

Many Members will no longer be forced into unnecessarily aggressive treatment for sleep apnea. TWU Local 100 President Tony Utano has negotiated a settlement to an "et al" grievance the Union filed on behalf of hundreds of members forced into an unnecessarily aggressive treatment protocol designed for those with "moderate" or "severe" sleep apnea, even though they had only been diagnosed with a "mild" AHI reading.

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Statement from Transport Workers Union Local 100 President Tony Utano on Supreme Court Janus Decision.

"The Supreme Court majority is nothing but a bunch of Pinkertons in black robes. As expected, they are helping right-wing politicians and greedy corporate executives who want to bust unions and silence workers. Unions are nothing more than workingmen and working women advocating for fair wages, affordable healthcare and solid pensions so they don’t wind up paupers in their old age, all of which reduces revenues and profits.

Still, we are cautiously optimistic this putrid ruling will have a minimal impact on TWU Local 100. We are a very active, aggressive and growing union. We are always ready and willing to fight the bosses. Transit workers know that, and know how important it is to support their union so they don’t become doormats for the MTA or other employers.

Transit workers also know that the TWU has been and will continue to be an important pathway to the middle class for new immigrants to our city."

President Utano's remarks on the Janus decision to MTA Employees:

Family Day Conquers Coney Island

Family Day 2018

JUNE 23 — TWU Local 100's annual Family Day played host to thousands of transit workers who enjoyed seasonal temperatures and good weather (it didn't rain) in and around the MCU stadium just off the boardwalk and a few blocks south of Nathan's.

Games for the kids, music for all ages, and all the food you could eat —complete with two ice cream trucks— made for an enjoyable day as many friends re-united and families enjoyed the offerings. New this year, a video game van gave older kids something to do while the younger ones enjoyed face painting and a bouncy house. Each TWU Department catered their own affairs within the park. There was basketball, dancing, and a visit from pro football star Bart Scott, who signed autographs and posed for pictures. Also visiting were politicians who are special friends of Local 100, including Assemblyman Peter Abbate and Assemblywoman Latrice Walker. Enjoy the photos!

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