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Sentencing Date for Domonic Whilby Postponed to May 2

On Tuesday, May 2nd at 9AM, the killer of Bus Operator William Pena will be sentenced to a prison term of unknown length. Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Gregory Carro, who has presided over the case since Domonic Whilby was jailed in February of 2014, will hand down a sentence of between 8-and-a-third to 25 years. TWU Local 100 is hoping that the judge imposes the maximum sentence in this case. The death of a public servant, in this case a transit worker, in the line of duty, has a special distinction. This is because he or she serves the public, and when this public service is done with honor and excellence, as in William Pena’s case, this person is owed a special measure of respect and support. We believe a penalty of 25 years (which would be reduced by three years' time served and good behavior) would send a strong message about drinking and driving, and about the special consideration our transit vehicles and transit personnel must command. At the request of the Pena family, we have invited all TWU Local 100 Bus Operators to sign this petition to the judge pressing for a maximum penalty. You can download that petition here. Please circulate the petition, and return it to your Union Rep or to the Union Hall, attention MABSTOA.

Make it a point to turn out for the sentencing on May 2nd at 9AM at 100 Centre Street (Manhattan Supreme Court, Criminal Part), when Judge Carro will hand down the sentence. If transit workers pack the courtroom, the Judge will see the value all of us placed on William's life and the expectation we have that a stiff sentence be imposed.


Apply Now for Metro North or LIRR Rail Pass

As part of the recently ratified contract, Local 100-MTA members living within the five boroughs are eligible to get a Commuter Rail pass for LIRR or MetroNorth.  Click on the this link to download the form and start the process.

Meet the Hometown Heroes in Transit – Class of 2017

2017 Hometown Heroes

Seventeen Local 100 members were honored Thursday morning at the Daily News’ fifth annual Hometown Heroes in Transit award ceremony in Manhattan.

The men and women called into the spotlight on the Edison Ballroom stage on W. 47th St. included: CTA Darren Johnson, who chased down and held a subway groper for police; Train Operator Trina Hayes, who coaxed a suicidal man off the tracks of the Rockaway Shuttle; Bus Operator Diana Belgrave, who calmly confronted a knife-wielding lunatic who was harassing passengers, and Track Worker Maurice (Moe) Jackson who runs a Saturday morning basketball program for kids in his Queens neighborhood. You can read all the winners’ full profiles here.

The Hometown Heroes were heralded by some of the biggest names in media, entertainment and politics. The presenters included television news anchors Mary Calvi (CBS), Greg Mocker (WPIX) and Cheryl Wills (NY1),  Daily News Co-Publisher Eric Gertler and Bill Mulrow, Secretary to Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo would have attended but had to stay in Albany to work with the state Legislature on the budget, Mulrow said.

“I want to say that transit workers rock,” Local 100 President John Samuelsen said. “Transit workers are the most professional workforce of any transit system in the world, and the transit system is the best transit system in the world. This system is absolutely incredible, and I’m thankful to the NYC transit workers who keep it moving every single day.” The News also quoted Samulesen in a special edition published Thursday. Transit workers are “as New York as you can get,” he said. “We are exposed to extreme hazards, including live train traffic and the electrified third rail. But as these award winners highlight, transit workers never hesitate to put themselves in even greater danger to serve the riding public, bravely and professionally. WE are the first responders of the transit system.”

Lobby Day 2017 -- Get On Board!

Get on the bus to support our political objectives in Albany! Click here to download the reservation here form and sign up!

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