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Congressman Charles Rangel Speaks at Political Breakfast Sponsored in Part by TWU Local 100

New York's senior Congressman, Charles Rangel, spoke at a political breakfast about unions, their role and influence, and the fact that our movement holds the only key to a future of greater equality for Americans. TWU Local 100 President John Samuelsen gave opening remarks at the event, which also featured President of the New York State AFL-CIO Mario Cilento. Here is an excerpt from the Congressman's remarks.

Ebola Guidance

The New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH), has released a three-page guidance document on Ebola Virus Disease and how workers can protect themselves. TWU Local 100 considers this reliable and effective information for our members. A NYCOSH staff member was present for the union at a recent briefing on Ebola with MTA management. Members are advised to download and review the information in this document and contact the TWU Health and Safety Department if you have additional questions. On Thursday, NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that there will be random drills in the subway system to anticipate response in the event of an infected person. Read more about that here. The Governor also praised transit workers for being ready to respond to the threat, saying "This is not in their job description. It's not what you sign up for when you're a transit worker."

William's brother Alex, center, stands with family including widow Nancy Rodriguez, far right.
William's brother Alex, center, stands with family including widow Nancy Rodriguez, far right.

Pena Case Delayed Again as Family Waits for Justice

At about 2:15 on Wednesday defendant Domonic Whilby was let by court officers into Part 32 of New York State Supreme Court at 100 Centre Street. No lawyer was there to argue his case. Justice Gregory Carro asked Whilby if he had counsel, and Whilby replied that he thought he did. Noting the lack of anyone stepping up to represent the accused killer of Bus Operator William Pena, Carro told Whilby to "make some phone calls," and be back in his court in one week, on October 29th to defend himself. This latest delay added to the frustration being felt by Pena's widow, Nancy Rodriguez, and her family, who were in court. TWU Local 100 Recording Secretary LaTonya Crisp-Sauray attended court for the union, along with OA Division 1 Chair Richie Davis and Vice Chair Don Yates. Rank and file members also showed  up to support the family. We're doing it again next week.

Transit Hits Ridership Record


Take a bow, brothers and sisters. NYC Transit carried a record 149 million subway passengers in September. They couldn't do it without you.

See Pete Donohue's Daily News story here.

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