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Statement of John Samuelsen, President, TWU Local 100, on Gov. Cuomo’s State of the State Address

“Transit workers applaud Governor Cuomo’s commitment to investment in our transportation infrastructure, including his plans, announced yesterday, for a long-overdue train link to LaGuardia Airport.  We look forward to working with the Governor to develop a plan that fully integrates the link to LaGuardia with New York City Transit. We also support the Governor’s desire to provide dedicated public transportation lanes on the new Tappan Zee bridge, and his plans to construct four new Metro North stations in the Bronx.  We urge the Governor to support a Bus Rapid Transit system that will provide riders with faster, more frequent bus service, especially in areas already dependent on buses as their primary transportation option.  Our public transit system provides essential service to more than 8 million people every day, and is vital to the entire region’s economic growth and stability.  Every dollar spent is a dollar invested that will provide valuable returns for our entire state.”

Union Offering Members Huge Discounts on SAT Tutoring Through Princeton Review

Local 100 Rewards, the member benefit website set up by the Union, is now offering a steep discount on SAT test prep from the prestigious Princeton Review for TWU Local 100 families. First announced by President John Samuelsen at the recent M3 Technology scholarship dinner, the 18-hour SAT course, in six sessions, is a tremendous value. Just navigate to the Local 100 Rewards website, linked at the top right hand corner of the Union's site, or use this link. Classes begin on February 28, so if your kid is getting ready for college, get him or her ready for the test that makes the key difference for college acceptance. Just log in on Rewards and get the savings!

Contract Implementation Update for January 2015

A 2% raise for TA/OA members, won in our recent contract, goes into effect starting January 16, 2015.

New hourly rates by title can be seen at our wage rates chart (.pdf link)

In accordance with the TWU Constitution and the By-Laws of Local 100, this raise will be accompanied by a 2% increase in dues. The raise and new dues rates will be reflected in checks issued January 28/29, 2015.

The new bi-weekly dues rates  



Full-time Traffic Checkers:


Part-Time Traffic Checkers:


A print version can be read here (.pdf link)

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