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Local 100 Celebrates at the African American Day Parade

African American Day Parade 2019 SEPTEMBER 15 -- A hundred transit workers and family members marched proudly through Harlem on a beautiful summer's day at the annual African-American Day Parade. Leading the Parade were top officers including President Tony Utano, Administrative VP Nelson Rivera, and Vice Presidents John V. Chiarello, Shirley Martin, and Lynwood Whichard. Our very own Sharase Debouse of our Political Action Department, who is a District Leader in her own right, lit up the parade as a Marshal. Click on the handles to see all of the images and videos.

Local 100 Announces October 30th Contract Rally

IB ImageWe’ve heard a lot in the media lately from the bosses at the MTA that transit workers are overtime cheats and no-shows on the job.  And that we don’t deserve a contract unless we pay for our own raises.

Now, the MTA is going to hear our voices, LOUD AND CLEAR!

Local 100 members are urged to turn out for a mass CONTRACT RALLY outside 2 Broadway on October 30th.  There will be speakers, union-branded handouts, and lots of voices telling the MTA that “Transit Workers Deserve a Fair Contract.”

Assemble at 5:00pm.  Wear your union colors.  And be prepared to make noise.

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Beware of Counterfeit Contract Flier

TWU Local 100 President Tony Utano issued the following statement after a counterfeit contract rally flier appeared on social media:

“Someone took an official TWU flier and doctored it by changing the date and time of the rally, and then circulated it on social media. This phony flier should be ignored.  Those who are perpetrating this hoax are in violation of the TWU Local 100 By-Laws for misappropriation of the union logo.

"The reason for this intentional deception is to confuse the membership and undermine the union’s efforts to win a fair contract for transit workers. October 30th is the official TWU Local 100 contract rally at 5:00 pm outside 2 Broadway.  This is the only rally sponsored and supported by the union."

Click here for the official contract rally flyer.  “We will see you at the official TWU contract rally on Oct. 30, 2019.”

Utano Slams Foye in Wake of Rising Assaults


In an interview on 1010 WINS, Local 100 President Tony Utano slams MTA Chairman Pat Foye for being out of touch with the rank and file transit worker. Listen to the clip.


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