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20% Discounts Offered on Central Park Carriage Horse Rides

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In solidarity with the carriage horse drivers we represent in Central Park, Local 100 Rewards is offering discounted rides to our union members. Spring is here and this is the best time to enjoy this classic New York experience.
Just login to Local 100 Rewards on our website or using this link: You can print a coupon that entitles you to the discount -- just bring it to the Park and enjoy your ride!
If you aren't yet a member of Local 100 Rewards, you can sign up there as well.
A 20-minute ride is just $45. That’s 20% off the regular rate of $57.47 for such a trip. Another option: A 45-minute ride for $100. That’s 20% off the regular rate of $126 for such a trip. 
The drivers in the historic NYC horse-carriage industry are now dues-paying members of TWU Local 100. By booking a ride, you will not only get a unique experience but help union brothers and sisters get through the economic downturn caused by the pandemic.

Transit Workers in Safety Sensitive Jobs Still Can’t Use Marijuana, No Matter What New York State Does to Legalize It

New York State is in the process of legalizing the recreational use of marijuana.  Please be advised that THIS LAW WILL NOT APPLY TO TRANSIT WORKERS AS IT RELATES TO YOUR JOBS.
Drug and alcohol testing for public transportation workers in safety sensitive positions IS MANDATED BY FEDERAL LAW, NOT STATE LAW.  Federal regulations in this regard trump state laws.
In other words, transit workers testing positive for marijuana will still risk their jobs. Current federal law and the tests do not distinguish between being under the influence today and having taken a puff when you were on vacation last month.
In other words, don’t smoke it or ingest it no matter what the State of New York does regarding marijuana.

Congrats to Fiona Robe, a True Renaissance Woman

Local 100's Fiona Robe, a Computer Specialist with the MTA Career and Salary group, and a 23-year employee, was presented the "Member of the Year" award by the Women in Transportation Seminar (WTS) earlier this month for her years of mentoring women and girls in the Transportation YOU program at WTS and at Transit Tech H.S.

She assists with the Mask Now program, the Transit Vaccination program, and proctoring for the Transit Civil Service Exams.  In her "spare" time, she is a teaching Professor at Medgar Evers College. 

Congratulations, Fiona!

F and C Service Being Restored

MARCH 30 -- The MTA has agreed to restore subway service on the F and C lines to pre-pandemic levels, TWU Local 100 President Tony Utano and RTO Vice President Eric Loegel announced Tuesday morning. The development comes two weeks after Local 100 filed a lawsuit against the MTA over service levels and work schedules on the two routes.

“NYC Transit President Sarah Feinberg came to the table and we worked things out,” Utano said. “We had several discussions, and we all agreed that this is the best move for both the riders and our members.” VP Loegel said management pledged to ramp up service on the F line in the coming weeks, and then turn its attention to the C line. Full restoration on both lines is expected by July.

“I’m glad we were able to come to a understanding that’s in the best interests of all parties involved,” Loegel said. “This is a big step back towards normalcy.”

The MTA cut service across the subway system after the pandemic hit the region last year. It restored service on all lines except the F and C lines, and then moved to make the reduced service schedules permanent. TWU Local 100 pushed back with a class action lawsuit filed in New York State Supreme Court on March 17th. The union accused the MTA of violating state law by enacting service reductions without first holding public hearings.

The union campaign also included a press conference, media coverage, and testimony to the New York City Council. Local 100’s campaign received vocal support from several elected officials and rider advocacy groups.

Union, Management Agree on Vacation Carryover, Cash Out

TWU Local 100 and the MTA/NYCT have agreed on the same vacation cash out carryover procedures as last year, made necessary by the unprecedented staffing challenges created by the pandemic.

Here is management's official Bulletin on the issue.  The section that pertains to Local 100 members, and other unionized workers at NYCT, is in red type.

Local 100 President Tony Utano said that the procedures insure that members have expanded choices on what to do with unused vacation time.




TWU Local 100 Thanks Sen. Schumer for Being a Transit Champion

FRIDAY, MARCH 26 -- TWU Local 100 President Tony Utano sent a note yesterday to Sen. Chuck Schumer thanking him for being a champion for Local 100 members during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Asian-American Bus Operator Intervenes to Stop Hate Crime; is Himself Assaulted

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MARCH 26 -- News outlets yesterday reported on the story of TA Surface Bus Operator Tommy Lau, who saw a hate crime in progress against an elderly Asian couple and then was attacked himself. Brother Lau, who has 22 years of service with NYCT and was on a break, saw a man trying to grab groceries from the couple. He stopped the robbery but the assailant spat at him and punched him before running away. 

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LaGuardia Bus Operator Michael Chambers is Mourned

Local 100 members and officers at the LaGuardia Bus Depot in Queens are in mourning today over the passing of veteran Bus Operator Michael Chambers, who died on March 18, 2021 of the coronavirus. He was 61 and had been on the job since 2012.
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