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TWU Mourns Gleason Bus Operator Maqueda Lewis

IB ImageThe Gleason Depot, and the entire TWU Local 100 family, is mourning the death of Bus Operator Maqueda Lewis from Covid-19.

Lewis, 51, was a quiet but positive force in the depot from which she operated the B35.

“She was always very pleasant,” Gleason Vice Chair Ebony Walton said. “She was very nice, easy to get along with. Everyone you speak to here will say the same thing. She had a good spirit.”

Lewis worked out of Gleason since she was hired by NYC Transit in 2013. A mother of three children, Lewis also loved being a grandmother, Gleason Shop Steward Nicholas Stanford said. She was thrilled with the birth of the newest member of her family earlier this year, Stanford said. 

“She was very excited,” he said.

Enrollment Period to Opt-in/Opt-out & Change Medical Plans Starts Oct 15

All active members in TA/OA and MTA Bus should shortly be receiving these cards in the mail. They are reminders that Oct. 15 - Nov 15 are the dates to change your medical plan or make other changes in your coverage. Questions? Call the BSC at 646-376-0123.

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A Track Worker Remembers 911

Union Kickoff for Breast Cancer Awareness Set for Sept 24

To register, scan the QR code with your cellphone. You can also click on the flyer for a downloadable copy. You can also go to our website at this link:

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Live on CNN: Bus Operator Rosa Almonte Explains How She Brought Her Passengers to Safety

Bus Operator Rosa Almonte, out of Fresh Pond Depot, came to the Union Hall on Friday for a live interview with CNN about how she brought her passengers through raging floodwaters on Queens Boulevard. The national TV broadcast showed America something about the guts, determination, and professionalism of transit workers.

OPTO? Hell, NO!

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It takes a team.


That’s the anti-OPTO message your union successfully promoted to the media and elected officials during the recent subway power outage and the incredible flooding that came days later.

In both emergencies, Local 100 Conductors and Train Operators urged riders to remain calm as they orchestrated train evacuations in these very difficult circumstances.


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“It takes a team on the train during emergencies like this,” TWU Local 100 President Tony Utano said. “Conductors and train operators across the system used their training, worked together, and evacuated passengers quickly and safely. The power outage and the flash flood clearly demonstrate why you need Conductors and Train Operators on board - no matter how much new technology is added to the system.”


The publicity prompted many elected officials to express support for two-person crews via Twitter, including mayoral candidate/Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.


Here's how Greg Mocker on WPIX 11 reported the story.


Read the Chief's coverage here.



Update: MTA Vaccination/Testing Program

The MTA is rolling out its COVID-19 vaccination/testing program.

If you are unvaccinated, you have a choice -- you can get the shot or be tested. Testing will take place on transit property and on company time. If testing is not available at your reporting location, you do not have to do anything. Management may, however, direct you on company time to go get tested at a nearby site.

The MTA has directed both vaccinated and unvaccinated workers to inform management through the employee portal of their vaccination status. If the MTA changes its position and moves to make vaccination a requirement of continued employment, TWU Local 100 will file a lawsuit and fight against such a mandate in court.

See the testing locations and schedules here.

The MTA is directing vaccinated workers to notify management using this link.


Transit Workers Recognized for Heroic Role in Flood Rescues on Subways, Buses

SEPTEMBER 2 -- NYS Governor Kathy Hochul called a press conference today at Fresh Pond Depot to praise the actions of Bus Operator Rosa Almonte, who drove her bus through raging waters to bring her passengers to safety last night. The widely circulated video of her bus opens the video. Joining Gov. Hochul and Bus Op Almonte at the press event were public officials and TA Surface Vice President JP Patafio. Subway workers were also recognized widely in press coverage. Watch our site for a full recap.

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