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In Interview, President Samuelsen Outlines National Bikeshare Campaign

In an interview given to the website LaborPress, President Samuelsen touched on key elements of the TWU's organizing campaign which is moving to BikeShare properties around the nation.

Frank Gurrera, in blue shirt and TWU cap. CIOH Chair Horace Briggs is to his left in white shirt.
Frank Gurrera, in blue shirt and TWU cap. CIOH Chair Horace Briggs is to his left in white shirt.

Machinist Frank Gurrera, Still Working at 90, Celebrates His Birthday at the Shop

OCTOBER 29 -- Over a hundred rank and file workers at Brooklyn's Car Equipment Coney Island Overhaul Shop paused from their duties to honor Machinist Frank Gurrera who turned 90 today. Gurrera, a WWII Veteran, was saluted by the Daily News on October 21 and nominated for a "Hometown Heroes in Transit" Award. But the recognition that meant the most came from hundreds of his co-workers, who shut down work for a festive lunch. Dozens took photos with their ipads and phones to mark the occasion, and many signed a huge birthday card. The event was coordinated by Shop Chair Horace Briggs, who MC'd the event along with former CIOH Chair Richie Rivera. Then Frank went back to his workbench, where he most recently fabricated a new gate for one of NYCT's vacuum trains which had been broken in service. Because the vacuum train manufacturer is no longer in business, we have to create new parts in the shop, and that's where Frank Gurrero excels. A widower of just one year, Frank reports to work every day at CIOH just as he has for 44 years. He describes himself a a union man for 51 years counting previous employment in a machine shop. He proudly wore a TWU cap today and -- a man of few words -- briefly thanked everyone for attending before the lunch ended.

A Update from John Samuelsen to the TWU Local 100 Membership on Ebola and Infection Control Procedures


Brothers and Sisters:

As has been reported, I have been speaking intensively with the MTA over the last two days since an Ebola patient was identified in New York City who rode the transit system. Our greatest concern of course is the well being of our members and our families.  My discussions with the MTA have focused on infection control procedures, especially that the rules requiring the wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE) are up to date. The MTA has now issued new and stronger regulations.  

We must stay safe at work. The MTA must provide us with proper personal protective equipment to safely perform our work.  No TWU Local 100 member should attempt to clean or remove infectious waste (bodily fluids or materials containing bodily fluids) without having the prescribed PPE.  Personal Protective Equipment includes  "Gloves, Tyvek suits, face shields and boots, that protect the wearer from sources of exposure." (Page 9, Infection Control Policy 10.15.4) Above is the link to the MTA's updated regulations specifying what protective equipment is required. Additionally, the MTA has released a brief statement which gives additional information about infection control equipment and procedures. Also, MTA CEO Thomas Prendergast sent out a memo today about how to avoid infection from Ebola.

In a situation where bodily fluids or infectious waste contaminates your work location, you should notify supervision immediately. If you are ordered to work in direct contact with body fluids without proper PPE, request a safety challenge form and call your union rep. Don't jeopardize your health, the health of your family, or that of the riding public. Further instructions can be obtained from your Department or from the TWU Local 100 Safety Department. You can also find more documentation about how to protect yourself from infectious disease on our website at Use the search function to search for "ebola."

John Samuelsen, President

Phil "Five Boro" Rosen just retired after 24 years as a Bus Operator at Gleason Depot. He enjoyed the membership meeting at the hall.
Phil "Five Boro" Rosen just retired after 24 years as a Bus Operator at Gleason Depot. He enjoyed the membership meeting at the hall.

TWU Retirees Throng Hall for Mass Membership Meeting

OCTOBER 28 -- Hundreds of transit retirees came to Brooklyn for a bustling Mass Membership Meeting at our new Union Hall. They heard from Retiree's Director Mike Tutrone and his able staff including Shalena Lindsey and Stacy Luke as well as hearing greetings from TWU Local 100 Secretary-Treasurer Earl Phillips and our Recording Secretary, LaTonya Crisp-Sauray. RTO Vice President Kevin Harrington gave a rousing speech in which he told the assembled retirees that it is only now, when he is close to retirement age, that he can look back and see the big picture about what the continual, day by day trade union fight leads up to -- a much better standard of living on the job and in retirement. He urged retirees to stay involved, stay militant, and stay committed to the cause -- and to get out and support those who support the union cause. Executive Board Member Mario Galvet presented the Union's 9/11 recognition program, where we are attempting to obtain deserved recognition for the many transit workers who labored at Ground Zero. Rosey Allen, longtime Depot Chair at Gun Hill, drew winning raffle tickets that netted retiree Emily Allen (no relation) a flat screen TV. Veterans Committee head Phil Caruana invited all TWU Vets to our upcoming dinner on November 13th. Retirees also heard from a host of vendors and supporters of the Union, including M3 Technologies, CMSW's Lisa-Marie Nero, John Dearie, and others. If you're a "retiree in training" (that is, an active member), come on by to the Union Hall and meet Mike and his staff and get ready to join the Retiree's Association which brings benefits and the opportunity to reunite with old friends at our many events throughout the year. IB Image

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