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At Coney Island Overhaul, a Crew of Car Inspectors and Maintainers Honored the Memory of a Brother


After George Manetta's brother, Firefighter Richard Manetta succumbed to World Trade Center related illness, a crew the shop competely refurbished an electric vehicle in his memory.


Prostate Cancer Now Accepted as 9/11 Illness -- 90 Days to File

The Victim's Compensation Fund (the federal compensation program for those who served at the World Trade Center site) adds new illnesses from time to time that will qualify for compensation. The deadline to bring those claims is two years from when a particular illness is added. For most cancers diagnosed before October 12, 2014, a claimant has to be registered by October 12, 2014.  If diagnosed after October 12, 2012, you have 2 years from diagnosis to register.

But prostate cancer wasn't added as an eligible injury until October 21, of 2013.  This means that anyone who was at the WTC site between September 11, 2001 and May 30, 2002 and was diagnosed with prostate cancer after September 11, 2005 still has a claim if they file their claim with the next 90 days (until October 21, 2015).

If you were at the World Trade Center disaster site between September 11, 2001 and May 30, 2002, and have been diagnosed with prostate cancer after September 11, 2005, the deadline to file a claim for compensation with the federal government expires soon.  For more information and a free attorney consultation call 1-800-331-2782 or 212 687-8181

Local 100 Secretary-Treasurer is greeted by the Governor today in the Bronx
Local 100 Secretary-Treasurer is greeted by the Governor today in the Bronx

TWU Cheers Governor Cuomo's Task Force to Root Out Worker Exploitation

JULY 16 -- TWU was on hand for today's historic announcement by NY Governor Andrew Cuomo that he is initiating a statewide Task Force to root out worker exploitation in many industries throughout the state. TWU Local 100 Secretary-Treasurer Earl Phillips represented the 39,000 members of the Union, along with other officers and rank and file members at the Bronx announcement of the initiative.

The Governor spoke from the heart when he recounted the experience of his grandfather, who worked as a laborer from the age of 15 in the bitter cold without being able to afford a coat, for an owner who would not let him sit in the cab of the truck to get warm. He said that the contemporary experience of state investigators, sent to take low-wage jobs, was similar: they found themselves working seven days a week, without vacations, for less than minimum wage. But "even if you are an undocumented worker, you are still entitled to the protections of laws of the State of New York," the Governor said.

He added that the recently-exposed plight of nail salon workers, who must work for starvation wages in an atmosphere of toxic chemicals, was only one example of exploitation. "If you want to open your eyes and be honest," he said, "it's everywhere in this economy." He mentioned landscaping, car wash work, laundry and cleaning services, and construction. The Task Force, he said, will employ 700 investigators who will be charged with investigations violations of labor law throughout the state in a variety of industries.

TWU Local 100 is proud to go on the record in full support of this Task Force.

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