Widows & Orphans Fund

Three ways for Local 100 members to contribute to the Widows & Orphans Fund:

  • Sustain the fund on an ongoing basis by authorizing a tax-deductible contribution from each paycheck. During the annual Employee Charity Drive, fill out the Pledge Card with the Widows & Orphans charity code number: 0112
  • Make a one-time donation when the annual Widows & Orphans penny harvest comes around
  • Attend our Gala fundraisers



Transit work is dangerous work. Local 100 does everything possible to maintain safe working conditions. But we cannot eliminate all dangers, and from time to time members fall in the line of duty.

Their families should not have to go it alone. In 2002 we negotiated special benefits for those families. In 2005 we further extended those benefits. But important though those benefits are, they are not enough.

Local 100 established the Widows & Orphans Fund to see to it that the families of those we have lost do not fall through holes in the safety net that we have gotten the TA to build.

What does the Fund do? It provides continued full medical coverage for spouses and dependents. And it provides financial assistance toward the education of dependents. 

With educational costs burgeoning, we are building the fund to ensure that it can fulfill its mission.

Don't you want to be part of this worthy undertaking?