Booth Ceiling replacement

The latest report indicates good progress on this ongoing issue of concern to our members:

Update as of 5/31/19
  • 15 booth ceilings have been replaced from the original listing of 27 (see highlighted stations)   
Note: in addition to the original 27 booths requested , we have also replaced the ceilings at the following stations:
  • R-138 34 St/Penn Station Completed May 29, 2019
Booth Ceiling Replacement
1- 8th St Booth A38 (R) line                                 Completed May 23, 2019
2-Prince St Booth A41 (R) line                             Completed May 24, 2019
3-Queensbridge 21st St Booth N603 (F) line
4-Hunters Point Ave Booth R507 *ceiling and floor tiles (7) line
5-5th Ave Booth R501 (7) line
6-42nd St Bryant Park Booth N503 (D,F) line
7-Astoria Blvd- Hoyt Ave Booth R514 (N) line  Station under Rehab – Booth Removed by contractor.
8-Ditmars Blvd Booth R515 (N) line
9-Atlantic Ave-Barclays Ctr Booth R610           Completed April 18, 2019
10-Atlantic Ave-Barclays Ctr Booth C9             Completed April 18, 2019
11-Gates Ave Booth J13 (J) line                          Completed May 10, 2019
12-Broadway Junction Booth N124                     Completed May 29, 2019
13-46 St Booth N316 (R) line                               Completed March 30, 2019
14-Delancey St Booth N525 (F) line                    Completed May 31, 2019
15-47-50 St Rockefeller Center Booth N500
16-Bleeker St Booth 217A (6) line                        Completed May 30, 2019
17-City Hall Booth A47 (R) line
18-Times Square Booth R145 (1,2,3) line
19-Lexington Ave-53rd St Booth N305 (E) line
20-Franklin St Booth R117 (1) line                          Completed May 25, 2019
21-Canal St Booth R119 (1) line
22-161 St Booth N203 (D) line                            Completed May 6, 2019
23-Queens Plaza Booth N309A (E) line
24-E Broadway Booth N529 (F) line *ceiling and floor tiles (hole in floor) Completed May 29, 2019  Hole repaired on April 4, 2019.   
25-Bowling Green Booth R200A (4) line
26-190th St Booth N6A (A) line                        Completed May 23, 2019   
27-Prospect Park Booth B13 (B,Q) line          Completed May 23, 2019