Neutral Monitor Rulings - Elections 2018

Below appear the rulings of Barbara Deinhardt, Neutral Monitor for the 2018 TWU Local 100 elections.

Title Type Description
sus-1-19 (twus use of union resources)
TWUS-4-19 (SUS flyers)
TWUS-3-19 (campaigning on union time)
TWUS-2-19 (campaigning on union time)
TWUS 1-19 (rerun ballot)(amended)
SUS-08-18 post recon (TWUS use of union resources)
TWUS-18-18 (tampering with twus literature)
TWUS-17-18 (post ballot tampering)
TWUS-16-18 (post ballots with no postmark)
I-20-18 post (Staley) Election notices not being posted