Your Union Will Not Abandon You

Help Desk for Laid Off Members

Local 100 has established a "HELP DESK" to provide you with a continuing resource to ensure that your Seniority and Civil Service rights are protected.

A full-time person will be assigned to the "HELP DESK" phone so that you will always have a helpful, sympathetic union brother or sister to talk to.

The "HELP DESK" will be able to update you, as well, on the union's ongoing efforts in Albany and Washington, D.C. to secure additional funding to restore laid off members to the job and stop further cuts to service and transit jobs.

The "HELP DESK" will further enable the union to reach out to you to enlist your help in our efforts to secure your reemployment.

Call the Union Hall at 212-873-6000 x2078 and you will be directed to the Help Desk.