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February 10, 2011

February 9, 2011

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    It was a terrible tabloid tale. While New York City was buried under a blizzard, widows and orphans freezing and starving in their apartments, union fat cats swigged brewskis and chuckled to themselves as sanitation workers conspired to stage a slowdown to gain leverage in their contract negotiations.… Alas, it never happened. The source of all this hysteria was a sketchy story told by Daniel Halloran, a rookie councilman and Tea Party Republican
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    A new report from Smart Growth America suggests that Washington State invest heavily in repairing its roads and bridges—which saves money over the long run—and to fund more statewide investments in public transit, which “create almost twice the jobs that highways do, help others get to their jobs, and attract private sector investment, creating still more jobs.”

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  • Source: NY Post
    Two ironworkers lacking even the most basic safety equipment died yesterday after a horrific 65-foot plunge down the elevator shaft at an Upper West Side building site, authorities said.

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  • Source: NY Daily News
    BY Jonathan Lemire and Pete Donohue, DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITERS - The city will continue to furlough workers who fill potholes rather than go full-strength in the war against craters, officials said.
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    The 1990s and 2000s were record boom years. If we didn't put sufficient money into train cars then, when will we? The next few years look tougher -- with the MTA, for one, short billions of dollars for its capital-investment plan, even as it has to keep replacing old assets.
  • Source: WABC 7
    Police have released a sketch of the man who pushed a subway worker onto the tracks on the Lower East Side.

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  • Source: Transit Wire
    few months after reporters identified a glitch in Bay Area Rapid Transit’s (CA) fare payment system, scammers continue to exploit the loophole. BART passengers using the regional Clipper card can run up a negative balance on their cards, traveling anywhere on the system for $2.

February 8, 2011