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Title Type Description
Notice to All Members Not in Good Standing
Decision of the Neutral Monitor -- Whichard Facebook
Stations Department Election Notice June 2017
Stations Department Eligibility Report -- Executive Board Election July 2017
Duplicate Ballot Request and Tally Notice -- OA 2 Executive Board Election
Duplicate Ballot Request and Tally Notice -- Conductor Tower Executive Board Election
Station Department Notice of Nomination
Station Dept Petition and Ballot Mailing Election Notice
Stations - Executive Board Member Notice of Candidacy
Stations - Petition Authorization Form - Independent Candidate
Stations - Observer Authorization Form Independent Candidate
Notice of Nomination and Election RTO Conductor/Tower
Notice of Nomination and Election MABSTOA Division 2
Pay Back Dues
E-Board Vacancy 2017 Observer Authorization
E-Board Vacancy 2017 Petition Authorization
E-Board Vacancy 2017 Notice of Candidacy
1-13-2017 Sample Ballot CTA
1-13-2017 NOTICE Station Cleaner Section
Station Div Recording Sec'y
Special Election -- Station Dept Recording Secretary
Election Notice -- Collecting Agent Section
Station Cleaner Section
MOW Signal IND Section Election