RTO Contact List

The 6,500 members in this department include those who work on or near trains as they run throughout the system, including Train Operators, Conductors, Tower Operators, and Construction Flaggers.

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Staff Telephone Extensions

Union Hall

Kia Phua, Vice President


Cell: 646-408-5506

Cell: 646-709-4711

Train Operator

2 Broadway (Discipline Cases, Arrests, Grievances)

130 Livingston (Probationary Employees, Compensation, Vacation in lieu of Sick, 60%, General help)
718-694-4212/ 718-694-4168 /718-694-5827

Midnight Representative

Emergency Contact
call Rail Control Center 212-712-4480 and they will find a Union Representative

Safety Walk Paperwork: Click here for the latest downloadable forms.

Train Operator Division Officers

Brussard Alston - Chair
Office: (212) 873-6000 x 2046
Cellphone: 646-573-2994
Fax: 646-998-8048
E-Mail: balston@twulocal100.org

Erica Guerrido - Vice Chair “A” Division
Cellphone: 347-389-2636
E-Mail: eguerrido@twulocal100.org

Danny Hay - Vice Chair “B” Division
Office: 718-694-4212
E-Mail: dhay@twulocal100.org

Zachary Arcidiacono - Vice Chair “B” Div
Office: 646-252-2996
E-Mail: zarcidiacono@twulocal100.org

Jose Lugo - Recording Secretary
Cell: 646-598-7334
E-Mail: jlugo@twulocal100.org

Executive Board Members
Janice Carter
Robert Taylor
Curtis Lemon

Quinton Montgomery, Work Train Chair
Cellphone: 929-500-6260
E-Mail: qm1965@gmail.com

Leonard Goody, Safety Rep
Cell: 347-386-2522


Conductor / Tower Division Officers

Crystal Young - Chair
Cellphone: 646-709-4711
Office: (212) 873-6000 x 2045
Fax: 646-998-8048
E-Mail: cyoung@twulocal100.org

Dominic Culp - Vice Chair "A" Division
Cellphone: 347-866-3878
E-Mail: dculp@twulocal100.org

Demetrius Goody - Vice Chair "B" Div.
Cellphone: 917-719-1805
E-Mail: dgoody@twulocal100.org

Michael Loecher - Vice Chair "B" Div.
Cellphone: 631-879-8209

Jacqueline McGowan - Vice Chair- Tower Operators
Cell: 347-331-8891
E-Mail: jmcgowan@twulocal100.org

Denise Littles - Recording Secretary
Cell: 646-685-3618
E-Mail: dlittles@twulocal100 .org

Executive Board Members
Joe Costales
Shawna Robinson
Crystal Young

Steven Cherry - Construction Flagging Chair
Cell: 347-865-7101
email: cherrytwushopsteward@gmail.com

B. Patterson - Construction Flagging Co-Chair
Cell: 718-696-7020
email: bpattersontwushopsteward@gmail.com