RTO Contact List

Vice President                Eric Loegel       646-830-4042 eloegel@twulocal100.org


Train Operators Division      
Chair Zachary Arcidiacono 646-417-1461 zarcidiacono@twulocal100.org
A Vice Chair Curtis Lemon 347-692-0843 clemon@twulocal100.org
B Vice Chair Danny Hay 917-488-6359 dhay@twulocal100.org
B Vice Chair Brussard Alston 929-430-3675 balston@twulocal100.org
Recording Secretary Jose Lugo 646-598-7334 jlugo@twulocal100.org


Conductor/Towers Division      
Chair Raul Lugo        646-884-2454 rlugo@twulocal100.org             
A Vice Chair Domonic Culp 347-866-3878 dculp@twulocal100.org
B Vice Chair Chris Drummond 718-785-7800 cdrummond@twulocal100.org
B Vice Chair Benjamin Schaeffer    
Recording Secretary Jesse Argueta 929-430-7973 jargueta@twulocal100.org
Tower Vice Chair Michelle Figueroa 646-665-1164 mfigueroa@twulocal100.org


Labor Relations Union Office @ 2 Broadway    
  Voice Lines Fax Lines
Disciplinary Action Notices (DANs), Grievances,
Sabbath Observance, Restoration to Service
646-252-5549 /2925 /2996 646-252-5619
Probationaries, FMLA, Workers Compensation, Timekeeping,
Employee Availability, Sick Issues
718-694-4168 /5827 718-694-3289 /4586


PM Coverage    
  RDOs: F/S  
Domonic Culp RDOs: S/M  


Midnight Coverage    
Danny Hay 2100-0600 F/S RDO


Saturday Coverage    
Jose Lugo 0600-1500 S/M RDO  
Domonic Culp 1400 - 2300  
Sunday Coverage  
Michelle Figueroa 1200-2100
Danny Hay 2100-0600


Emergency Contact
call Rail Control Center 212-712-4480 and they will find a Union Representative

Safety Walk Paperwork: Click here for the latest downloadable forms.