RTO Contact List

Vice President                Joe Costales         917-239-0043 jcostales@twulocal100.org


Train Operators Division      
Chair Zachary Arcidiacono 646-252-2996 zarcidiacono@twulocal100.org
A Vice Chair Erica Guerrido   eguerrido@twulocal100.org
B Vice Chair Danny Hay 917-488-6359 dhay@twulocal100.org
B Vice Chair Surrina Shoemo 646-354-1313 sshoemo@twulocal100.org
Recording Secretary Jose Lugo 646-498-7333 jlugo@twulocal100.org


Conductor/Towers Division      
Chair Crystal Young          646-709-4711 cyoung@twulocal100.org             
A Vice Chair Domonic Culp 347-866-3878 dculp@twulocal100.org
B Vice Chair Demetrius Goody 917-719-1805 dgoody@twulocal100.org
B Vice Chair Mike Loecher 631-879-8209 mloecher@twulocal100.org
Recording Secretary Denise Littles 646-685-3618 dlittles@twulocal100.org
Tower Vice Chair Jacqueline McGowan 347-331-8891 jmcgowan@twulocal100.org


Labor Relations Union Office @ 2 Broadway    
  Voice Lines Fax Lines
Disciplinary Action Notices (DANs), Grievances,
Sabbath Observance, Restoration to Service
646-252-5549 /2925 /2996 646-252-5619
Probationaries, FMLA, Workers Compensation, Timekeeping,
Employee Availability, Sick Issues
718-694-4212 /4168 /5827 718-694-3289 /4586


Midnight (After Hours) Coverage    
Lenny Goody 2100-0600, RDOs: F/S Cell: 646-386-2522
Ed Green 2300-0800, RDOs: M/T Cell: 646-228-0917


Weekend Daytime Coverage    
Saturdays: Mike Loecher 0600-1500 Cell: 631-879-8209
Sundays: Jose Lugo 0600-1500 Cell: 646-498-7333


Emergency Contact
call Rail Control Center 212-712-4480 and they will find a Union Representative

Safety Walk Paperwork: Click here for the latest downloadable forms.