2.5% Contractual Raise Effective Feb. 16, 2018; Also 5% Increase in the Night-Weekend Differential

Transit workers saw a nice bump in their net earnings in their most recent paycheck (and it wasn’t from the Trump tax cut). It was from an across the board 2.5 percent wage increase, thanks to the collective bargaining agreement between TWU Local 100 and the MTA-New York City Transit, MTA-MABSTOA and MTA Bus.

The increases became effective Feb. 16, 2018.  It is the second wage hike in the 28-month agreement with the MTA, negotiated and ratified in early 2017.

In addition to the wage boost, anyone working shifts covered by night and weekend differential will see a 5% increase in that rate as well.  It’s the first time in more than a decade that the union secured a boost in the differential rate. To see the wage tables with your new rates, click here.