Car Equipment, Stations Mourn Terminal CTA Valdemore Richardson, 49

The Union is mourning the passing of Valdemore Richardson, age 49, a Terminal Cleaner who worked at the Stillwell Terminal on the A.M. tour in Coney Island.  Brother Richardson was in the process of purchasing a home in Mountainville, NY, when he unexpectedly passed away on Monday, October 4th.

Stations VP Robert Kelley who has been assisting the Richardson family during this difficult time, described Brother Richardson as a world-class husband and loving father.  CED VP Shirley Martin also described Brother Richardson as a well-liked individual who will truly be missed by his co-workers.  

Brother Richardson leaves behind his wife, Shatisha Richardson; daughter Summer Rayne, 6 years old; and two children he lovingly called his “bonus children” Kayla Jade, 18 years old and Chase Anthony, 13 years old.  Shatisha stated her husband loved his job and his MTA family.

Brother Richardson was an honorable family man who loved and cherished his family and wanted nothing more but the best for them.  His in-laws told Local 100 that Valdemore’s family was his life and everything else came second as far as what was important to him. Valdemore’s wife, Shatisha, during this difficult time, was able to jokingly share with us that not only did she love her husband, she actually liked him a lot!